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A fatal oil spill, an explosion and toxic waste collide in the Gulf of Mexico and the results spawn a noxious mutation that terrorizes a beach community. Police sergeant (Devon Hughes)leads the investigation against an unscrupulous CEO (Michael Milhoan), but it's a quirky detective (Brian Edward Kahrs) and a tenacious environmental researcher (Wendi Hughes), who confront the zombie nightmare.

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Reviewed by simon-50569 1 /10

Beyond bad...REALLY BAD!

Very few movie titles actually sum up in one word the quality of its contents. This one does in spades. Awful on all levels. Not a shred of anything worth watching. Another example of a so-called "filmmaker" attempting to make a movie when it is obvious that they have no talent for filmmaking and don't understand movies at all. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Reviewed by vmalast 1 /10

Troma wannabe but without the laughs

I had to recheck if this film was supposed to be a horror comedy. Typical "toxic spill/dump zombie movie. Nothing original, not funny (intentionally or otherwise). Horrible acting, cliche stereotypes. Bad FX. If this was a student film, I'd give it a 3 for effort but it's not. It's really a 0/10 flick

Reviewed by retrolover-77047 1 /10

Absolutely awful!

Couldn't hang in there through the incredibly bad "acting" long enough to see a zombie.

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