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Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller



After a devastating global event wipes out all electronics and eliminated people's ability to sleep, a former soldier may have found a solution with her daughter.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nathanmanson 2 /10

That was absolutely dreadful

I'm normally quite a fan of Netflix films but this is one of the worst ones I've seen and I've watched open house. Whoever was in charge of doing the trailer did a really good job because they made the film look really good, I feel snaked. There was literally no explanation given to why everything was happening. You can just have something like that happen and give no reason for why it was happening. What the hell was the ending? I'm assuming by the noise at the end she woke up, so what next? You can't just end the film there, what did they do from they point on? That was a cop out ending. I genuinely wouldn't waste my time with this.

Reviewed by krissdelhi 5 /10

Average movie, poor ending.

Movie couldn't hold my interest much but I finished it hoping for a good climax, but it ended in disappointment.

Reviewed by genehenson 2 /10

Not worth your time

I was going to write a full review of this, but it's not worth my time to write it or your time to read it.

Do yourself a favor and watch anything else.

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