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Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet





Bitcoin has been called one of the most disruptive technologies of our times, threatening banks by building an alternative and decentralized currency system. Some say that its "blockchain" could provide a blueprint for a better and fairer Internet - challenging the dominating technology giants. Despite this potential, Bitcoin is undergoing severe price volatility and the community is facing a bitter internal 'civil war'. Moreover, much of the media coverage is often misinformed or misleading and the general public is still confused about the technology and its larger implications. Join filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann (Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It) on his journey to better understand this decentralised technology and the promise of web3.0. This Screen Australia supported and crowdfunded feature documentary introduces the 'big brains and big egos' of this new industry including Andreas Antonopoulos, Laura Shin, Dr. Jemma Green, Charlie Lee, Vitalik Buterin, Preethi Kasireddy, Dr. Robert Kahn, Wences Casares, Samson Mow, Roger Ver, and many more. Some of the hackers, hipsters and hustlers that Torsten interviewed 5 years ago are now creating a new decentralised web, while others have broken their promises. Can we trust them to build a trustless new cyber utopia or are their projects as unfairly distributed, and easily manipulated as our current systems?


Michael Watchulonis

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Reviewed by tl-46981 10 /10

What a ride

Some context to start with: I had the chance to see this doc at an exclusive preview session so who knows if it was the final cut. In my opinion it should be since this was a great "tour de force" covering a hot topic full of history and interesting characters.

The chapters build upon each other nicely, the narrator keeps everything well in check, especially if some of the figures in the movie start ranting. Funny as well!

So yah, if you want to learn about that hype around blockchains, cryptocurrencies / Bitcoin and some really grand ideas for the future, those 80something minutes are well invested time. Also superior to going down the online rabbitthole which is particularly deep and confusing on those topics. And clearly less fun.

Reviewed by darrenvukasinovic 10 /10

Fantastic exposition of blockchain and its potential

Taking a neutral position on both crypto and blockchain tech, this doco deep dives the history of the underlying tech and then explores the present and future potential. One comment I got from everyone we interviewed last night was the love of honestly and transparency in the doco - it's true that crypto and blockchain have evolved from mysterious roots and basements and gone through a hype and collapse phase in 2017-19. It's also true that major corporate and political players have at the same time cast shade on the grass roots coins and startups whilst also invested millions and branched internal "skunkworks" ops in their organizations in exploring this tech for their own "private" blockchain purposes. What is clear in this doco is that the underlying idea of blockchain and what it seeks to achieve - transaction speed, low cost and high efficiency; and transparency and irrevocable truth from a distributed ledger - these core concepts are in themselves the promise of blockchain theology and the kinds of modern use cases that an incredibly tech connected world, growing off the back of leaps in computing/mobile and internet accessibility, can leverage for all kinds of purposes.

Reviewed by press-82631 10 /10

I enjoyed this info-dense documentary

This is a very intense and detailed documentary about the entire industry. the good parts of it and also the bad projects and people. i need to watch it again because it was so information dense. the production was really high quality with many graphics and helicopter shots. i enjoyed some of the funny scenes that lightened the mood between more technical bits. I enjoyed watching all the crypto VIPs too.

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