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Yakusoku no Neverland


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller



A number of Japanese children all complete with Western names are being well fed, taken care of and pampered at a very meticulate and managed orphanage. The facility and grounds are impressive, but the wall acting as a barrier is high. There is a secret to the place and once it is revealed to several orphans they are desperate to depart from the facility.


Yuichiro Hirakawa

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Reviewed by RealDecentHumanBeing 6 /10

It's alright

I read the entire manga and watched the anime version. This is entirely my personal opinion of this live-action:

  • PLOT: Since the producer tried to compressed lot of content into a 2h movie, the pace is rush and many details have to be changed/ignored and I can understand that. But there are some important details that link directly to the story, like the age of children, are also changed (I guess because the age of the actors).
  • ACTING: It's alright, they do sort of have the elements that represent the characters, but sometimes it feels a little excessive.
  • VISUAL: The demons look scary, children are cute, the house and forest kind of have the normal-but-mysterious vibe

Reviewed by hbrik555 10 /10

A really good effort!

I really enjoy this film! The three main actors were really good in it. Minami Hamabi was born to be a Star. The plot goes fast compared to the Manga and the Anime but it works well for the film and with what is trying to do. The cinematography is superb in the film and the Deamons are not very scary but that's Ok, they work for the story. I recommend reading the Manga after watching the film for more details to the story. Highly recommended film!

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