Tong Pak Foo dim Chau Heung (1993) torrent download

Tong Pak Foo dim Chau Heung


Comedy / Romance



A scholar in search of true love. Disguising himself as a houseboy, he indentures himself to a rich family in order to pursue the ravishing servant girl who has stolen his heart.


Lee Lik-Chi


Stephen Chow
as Tang Pak Fu / Wah On
Gong Li
as Chou Heung
Natalis Chan
as Chuck Chi San
James Wong Jim
as Master Wah
Cheng Pei-Pei
as Madame Wah
Leung Kar-Yan
as Mo Chong Yuen
Mimi Chu
as Chussy

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thebeautifulones 9 /10

The role Stephen Chow was born to play.

To call Stephen Chow the Jim Carrey of Asia, would be an understatement. His shows never fail to make me laugh, especially because of the means he use to try and get the girl he likes.

Tang Bohu, one of the 4 great scholars, is the envy of many men. He has 8 beautiful wives, he has talent, but unknown to others, he does not have happiness, because his wives do not understand him.

One day, he meets Qiuxiang (played by Gong Li), a maid to Madam Wah (who unknown to him, is actually his father's ex-girlfriend; well-played by Cheng Pei Pei), and is so smitten by her. He disguises himself as Wah An, an orphan from a rural village and comes out with a story that his family was killed by Tang Bohu, so that he can enter the house.

Qiuxiang is in love with Tang Bohu's poetry and hopes to meet the man himself, not knowing that the man himself, is in the same house as her.

Gong Li looks beautiful as ever in her role as Qiuxiang. Stephen Chow makes me laugh with his witty remarks during the poetry competitions as the Wah household faces off with King Ning. Add the comedic talent of Yuen King-Tan who plays the very horny Shek Lau, Pak-cheung Chan, who plays the rather unreliable friend, Chuck Chi-Shan, and you are pretty much guaranteed comedy at its best! Will Bohu get Qiuxiang? Will the Wah household defeat King Ning's man, Evil Scholar? Will Bohu restore honor to his father's weapon, the steel spear? Watch and find out?

Reviewed by elephant1024 9 /10

Forget Shaolin Soccer. This is slapstick comedy at its finest.

One of the funniest slapstick comedies out there, this movie rivals Royal Tramp and Tricky Brains in its comedic value. This movie absolutely requires knowledge of Chinese history, especially of the main character, Tong Bak Fu. It also requires knowledge of Hong Kong popular culture from the 50's to the 90's. Indeed, this movie references everything that is Chinese, from Tong Bak Fu's scholar friends to the Cantonese dub of Dragonball Z, and everything in between. Of course, without such complete knowledge, what is supposed to be funny is not even mildly amusing, as the comedic element in scenes are often subtle or obscure or both.

Tong Bak Fu is a malcontent scholar of great renown who has eight wives. Somehow, his wives have come to take complete control his life, and he finds himself constantly at their mercy, who do nothing but gamble with each other. His friends too, have become nothing more than an annoyance. Desiring romance, he ventures out to seek true love--and finds himself fallen in love with a servant of a wealthy household. Back in those days, servants, though often socially lower than family, were considered a part of the household and subject to the jurisdiction of the family, especially--in this case--the matriarch. Tong Bak Fu must disguise himself as a peasant and sell his services to the family in order to woo the girl and eventually marry her. With the help of a manservant, he gets in and finally learns the name of the girl--Chou Herng. That of course, is where everything goes wrong.

Stop now if you cannot identify the three places that are blatantly set up for comedy in the above narrative. Now, I don't mean that my rather apathetic introduction is funny in and of itself, but rather that at least three of the things I've described have the potential to develop into a very funny scene. If you can find all three places exhibiting the potential for comedy this movie will be absolutely hilarious. If you can find two, this movie might be pretty funny, but nothing special. If you can find one, don't expect too much. If you cannot find any, then move along--this movie isn't for you.

Reviewed by kluanghitam 10 /10

My Number 1 Favorite Stephen Chow movie!

One movie that makes me laugh all the way 'til the end. This movie is strictly to show how good Stephen Chow is, regardless of other actors and actresses. Seems the others were just a prop for Stephen Chow to utilize and shines unlike other movie where his most ideal comical partner Ng Man Tat (who plays the limp coach in Shaolin Soccer) would provide equal idiotic humor and balanced of his act.

This movie have the most of my favorite scene in Chinese comedy, especially Stephen Chow comedy, if you can understand his type of comedy. His slapstick is not Jim Carrey's or Charlie Chaplin's slapstick, and I don't see any other actor in the world who does slapstick like he did, making it his trademark.

Watch for these scene:

1)The whole chicken wing scene (using paint brush to apply sauce; the chicken wing song)

2)The courting scene in the monastery (the flying kick monk)

3)The who is poorer scene (having cockroach as pet)

4)The Chinese rap scene

5)The boast who got the best poison ala commercial scene

6)The scholar duel scene (air kiss; spitting blood)

and many more!! If you like Cantonese silly movie especially Stephen Chow's, this is a must have gem!

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