Padre no hay más que uno 2: La llegada de la suegra (2020) torrent download

Padre no hay más que uno 2: La llegada de la suegra


Comedy / Family



2020, City of Madrid (Madrid, center to Spain and country's capital). After the success of virtual assistant Conchy created by him, the life of Javier and Marisa with their five children (teenager Sara, preteen Carlota, child Rocío and Dani, and little child Paula) seems to be better than ever. However, troubles appear by surprise in an unstoppable way: Carmen leaves Paco (Javier's brother) by his negative to have a child; Marisa's maid Rosaura announces to leave the family after Marisa's friend Leticia tempted her in secret to work for her in better job conditions; Sara is interested in a high school classmate named Junior; Rocío becomes obsessive to be Andalucian to be a star of flamenco music; Dani just want for traveling Eurodisney and has troubles with his school coach who prevents him to play soccer; and Paula passes the days claiming to have a pet dog. As if it not was enough, Marisa gives Javier a special news: she's pregnant...again. Overwhelmed by the situation despite all ...

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Reviewed by christina-delimitrou 10 /10

Fun movie

I enjoyed this movie. It's not high drama by any means, but the kids are adorable and can act very well for the most part, and the plot is enjoyable. A fun 1 1/2 hours spent :)

Reviewed by faer_kr 10 /10

Very well done.

A Spanish family comedy. An interesting sequel to "Mommy went on a trip" that famous Argentine movie. It is about the family that must now organize themselves because they will be left without their mother's help due to a high-risk pregnancy, bringing their mother-in-law home. Quality. Entertaining Wholesale jokes and sarcasms. The perfectly delineated characters of the first installment. Performances well, especially the children, only the character of the mother looks a bit forced. It is about the family, supporting us and expressing in a fun way the situations that happen in it, showing that a little love is what is needed in them. It even uses the formula of what was once "Cheaper by the dozen." It leaves the window open for a third installment. An extraordinary option.

Reviewed by cereyese 1 /10

Unfunny, bad acting, cliche

I was really expecting this film to be a laugh.... and now 3 days after watching I am still waiting. The children's acting is mostly appaling, they seem so unnatural like they are reading their lines - and they are not very good at reading. The entire time you get the feeling that the jokes are forced and shoved up your ass and, whether you like it or not, it's time to laugh. It could only be made worse by adding artificial laughter such as happened in the 80s sitcoms. Really, really, terrible.

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