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Relatively Relatable by Naveen Richard





Fridges, birthday parties and cockroach baba cults. In his latest special, Naveen Richard brings together some tasty observational comedy that has proven to be relatable 9 out of 12 times.


Neville Shah


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Reviewed by navjm14 8 /10

The Nerdy Guy was freakn fun!!!

A lot better than his previous few shows. The Nerdy Guy in between nailed it!

Reviewed by jjessejames 10 /10


Much, much better than his previous special ; especially the nerdy guy bit in the middle.

Reviewed by sunandaeka 8 /10

Watch with a bit of patience

Starts off a bit slow, with the narrative almost being annoying, but has some real solid content in its latter half. Left me crying in laughter. :'D

As always, Naveen's great at playing out different characters. There's a bit of dark comedy and frequent callbacks, which could go down well or not depending on how your preferred kind of humour. Definitely worth a watch overall, I feel like the promos didn't do it justice.

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