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War photographer W. Eugene Smith travels back to Japan where he documents the devastating effect of mercury poisoning in coastal communities.


Andrew Levitas


Johnny Depp
as W. Eugene Smith
as Aileen
Hiroyuki Sanada
as Mitsuo Yamazaki
Bill Nighy
as Robert "Bob" Hayes
Jun Kunimura
as Junichi Nojima
Ryô Kase
as Kiyoshi
Tadanobu Asano
as Tatsuo Matsumura

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander_Blanchett 7 /10

Johnny Depp is great in this very important film

A solid and important film, especially these days with very recent topics. Its a story that deserved to be told at the cinema as it is groundbreaking, shocking and absolutely relevant. It also brings back Johnny Depp to his actually acting standards. Depp is wonderful, and not only because he successfully de-glammed for the role, but also because he found his acting weapons back. He truly gives a great performance in a film that sometimes suffers from its lengths. Because although the story is absolutely important to tell, director Andrew Levitas didn't really do where to go with it. He knew he wanted to tell it, he knew what he wanted to tell, but he didn't know how to put this in a 2 hours movie as there are some major lengths , especially in the midsection of the film And you sometimes had the impression this wold have worked better as a short film. To see Depp back to business it is worth to see and also to encounter newcomer Minami in the female lead is really something. She did great and shared a great chemistry with Johnny Depp. Bill Nighy also has his moments but can do better, his role was a bit underdeveloped. The song is amazing and there are many moments that are worth to mention, however as a whole it felt sometimes a bit too slow and without a definite direction.

Reviewed by seanfitz-51998 10 /10

Johnny Depp shows why he's a legendary actor.

Johnny Depp puts in an expected interesting performance but mature. It's as if he's found a different gear in his talent. This movie is powerful and strangely necessary as a result of current times. Well made and there is so much unknown talent in this movie on camera and off and one of the reasons I praised Johnny for a mature performance was because he made those around him go up a gear. Sometimes you can sense competition between actors in award contending movies but Johnny allowed others to shine as well as shining himself to a very high standard perhaps his best performance in years.

Reviewed by lenagumerova 8 /10

It touches your soul

If you are looking for entertainment - skip this film.

It will skin your soul alive. So touching, frustrating, making clear where the "small people"'place is. Great characters, great acting, great directing. Thanks for including Johnny Depp, in this cancel culture you never know. But once again he proves that his talent is way above all the gossip.

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