Dutch: The First of a Trilogy. James Bernard Jr., a.k.a. Dutch, has become the most dangerous criminal in New Jersey. From his early skill as a car thief, Dutch recognized the opportunity to rule the streets and he seized it. With both the protection and respect of the Mafia, Dutch becomes the most terrifying force on the streets. District Attorney Anthony Jacobs is determined to take down Dutch and his crew, and he's confident that his witnesses will testify against them.


Preston A. Whitmore II


Robert Costanzo
as Fat Tony Cerone
Lance Gross
as Benard 'dutch' James
Tyrin Turner
as Sugar ray
Natasha Marc
as Michelle
Kyle Massey
as Teen Qwan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seansoulo73 3 /10

I Really Hoped for Better

Waited a long time to finally check this out only to be disappointed. Still hard to take Lance Gross seriously as a gangster. He has too much of a nice guy vibe from his House of Payne days and whipped husband he played in Tyler Perry's Temptation flick.

This story simply made no sense from start to finish, and especially the ending. It was pretty bad. Don't waste an hour and a half on this one. You've been warned.

Reviewed by garygwilliams 4 /10

Nice try but under financed and overly ambitious

Start with a decent premise and good looking cast but the devil is in the details. Wardrobe and sets were college level. His beginnings as a car thief could have played into the finale. The sexual tension between Dutch and his lawyer was without purpose. The cars were nice but why the choices? Everything was underdeveloped more time on development and research could have made stars of the leads.

Reviewed by jsorak 5 /10

Not a great message

A movie in New Jersey talking about the death penalty, which has been taken off the books about 20 years ago. The ending basically showed the drug dealer shooting up the courtroom and getting away with it.

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