Monster Brawl (2011) torrent download

Monster Brawl


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sport



Eight classic monsters fight to the death in an explosive wrestling tournament set inside an abandoned and cursed graveyard.


Jesse Thomas Cook


Dave Foley
as Buzz Chambers
Art Hindle
as Sasquatch Sid Tucker
Robert Maillet
as Frankenstein
Lance Henriksen
as God (voice)
Jimmy Hart
as Himself
Kevin Nash
as Colonel Crookshank
Herb Dean
as Himself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 /10

1.. 2.. 3.. I just counted myself out of this excuse of a movie!

Alright, well I figured this might actually prove to be a laugh, to see iconic movie monsters brawl it out against one another. Boy was I wrong!

This is without a doubt the most horrible "movie" I have had to suffer through in a long, long time. And I use the term "movie" here in quotation marks, because this was nothing more than just wrestling as you'd see on TV, except that the athletes were dressed up like monsters like it was some bizarre Halloween event.

There was absolutely no story to watch here, just senseless fights between the iconic monsters that most of us grew up with. And on top of that, the fights were not even great. And to top it off they had Lance Henriksen, which undoubtedly was the best part about the movie - having him narrate it with his characteristic voice, doing some really crappy Mortal Kombat rip-off comments at the fighting maneuvers.

The best parts about the movie, was as I just mentioned Lance Henriksen's narrating (minus the lame Mortal Kombat comments), because he does have a very unique voice. Plus, they actually managed to make the graveyard look rather cool.

No, oh God, please no, this was horrible beyond even my comprehension.

Just to throw more fuel to the fire, they had Jimmy Hart in this "movie" as well. Yeah, Jimmy Hart!

I am sure there is an audience out there somewhere for this kind of entertainment. I, however, was just not in that particular target audience. This was a waste of time and effort.

Reviewed by trashgang 4 /10

pure wrestling but not like Raw or Smackdown

This is really a tough one to review because there isn't really any actual acting in it, it's all about wrestling. So if you are a horror geek and you come across this flick and see all those horror creatures fighting against each other then you expect to have a gory flick. But it's all done ringside which basically turns it back into a real wrestling flick because the monsters are in fact wrestlers.

But don't think that you will see some cage fight between Randy Orton or John Cena. There aren't any WWE icons here to see, some old school WWF faces are here to see, Jimmy Hart is just playing himself with his annoying voice and Kevin Nash just plays the rough guy.

This isn't Smackdown or Raw. This is just some basic wrestling, guess otherwise they had problems with the make-up. I've heard people who loved this flick but they have seen it at a convention with cheering crowds so there it is at it's place but at home it fails completely. Even as I watch WWE on a weekly basis this here doesn't deliver. Luckily they have added some gore here and there but having no script it looks rather cheap.

If you can't watch wrestling then forget this flick. For horror geeks just watch it with your friends and be p*ssed an proud while watching it. A strange flick.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by truly_wundaful 7 /10

Surprisingly Entertaining

Now I will first start off by saying if your not into wrestling then you will not like this movie. I'm a big wrestling Buff, I watch both WWE and TNA and use to watch ECW and WCW. So I'm the perfect person to appreciate this. It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's not a true horror movie or maybe it's not even a movie at all. But what it is is 90 minutes of hilarious clichés and Wrestling PPV style showmanship. It would almost be better as a real show than a movie. But for what it's worth it is really funny. It has it's ha ha moments and it's WTF moments. But if your into cheesy old school wrestling then you'd appreciate this movie. If your not into wrestling then don't even waste your time. You'll hate it. I hope they continue to make sequels. It has the potential to really create some good story lines.

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