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The Reunited States is a feature documentary that profiles people who have dedicated their lives to promoting depolarization and de-escalation of our tensions across the political divide.


Ben Rekhi

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Reviewed by tim-w-jung-146-897126 1 /10

Problems with almost everyone interviewed

Is this an attempt to whitewash everyone in the movie? If you do a search on each person they have promoted division and hate in the recent past. Susan Bro gave a speech on "White Entitlement" to The Center on March 2021. How is that uniting the country and healing divisions when you say that just because of the color of your skin that someone is more entitled and other are less, and it doesn't matter your behavior only your skin color matter. That is not promoting unity that is promoting racism. Attacking people based on their skin color which they can not control is racism. Van Jones has done the same exact thing. If you go through most of those interviewed you find these same kinds of issues. This film is completely non-genuine. They are trying to paint themselves as nice people who just want to unite everyone, but in fact they do just the opposite and if you don't agree with them 100% then you are bad person. This is not how you unite people by saying if they don't agree then they are terrible people.

Reviewed by gbo-48510 10 /10

Hope For These Dark Times

This film is a breath of fresh air from the constant deluge of hate, fear, and division that we constantly receive through our various media sources. This film is an invitation to anyone to lay down their efforts to destroy and dehumanize the "other side" and open your heart to what is possible when we truly see each other and the infinite value we each hold. Thanks to the team who saw that we needed this film.

Reviewed by undinebuka 10 /10

Couldn't be more relevant

A very important film for this time. Emotional and heartfelt.

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