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The Carnivores


Comedy / Drama / Thriller



Alice and Bret's dog Harvey is dying, and he's ruining everything. What had been a bright little family is quickly getting consumed by clouds of self-doubt, suspicion and a disturbing amount of ground beef.


Caleb Michael Johnson

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Reviewed by othersidebar 3 /10

Two Vegetarian Lesbians Lose a Dog

Two vegetarian lesbians have an old dog. The dog runs away. The lesbians look for the dog.

One night, one of the lesbians goes looking for the dog alone. That lesbian goes missing and the second lesbian freaks out.

The second lesbian starts obsessing over meat, cutting meat, processing meat, looking at pictures of meat, and watching videos of meat cutting. The first lesbian eventually returns.

Will the lesbians ever find their dog? Will they go eat a juicy steak? Will they both seek counseling? Those questions and more will be answered if you watch the movie.

BTW, the male co-worker in the bank is the most interesting character in the movie, followed by the dog.

Reviewed by manuelasaez 4 /10

As a dog lover, tthis movie was not made for people like me.

The plot is simple, and doesn't need to be gone over again, as the synopsis pretty much covers everything that is going to transpire throughout this movie. But what was the point of it all, really? Two lesbians own a dog, one feels jealous of the dog because (as a dying animal), it's getting the brunt of the attention from her partner. (Who feels jealous over an animal? How low must your self-esteem be for you to allow that to happen?) She allows the dog to escape by purposefully leaving the gate unlatched, and when her partner goes out looking for the dog, the other one has a nervous breakdown.

This movie was just not made for people like me. I like a story with substance, with weight, with a palpable reason for wanting to be told. This movie was none of those things. You have two very unstable women being allowed to care for a sick animal, and what is the moral of the story, really? Is there is a moral to this story, or is it just one of those vanity projects these filmmakers like to crap out a few times a year to inflate their already enlarged egos? I can already imagine the rounds of applause and proclamations of "What a stylish film!", "So unique", "an exciting new voice in cinema" when this movie was first shown to their peers. It is all LIES.

The only interesting person in this entire film is the male co-worker at the bank. I liked him so much, and eagerly awaited his screen time, that I suffered through this freshman film project of a movie just to hear him speak.

Harvey, I think you are better off in doggie heaven than living with those two wingbats.

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