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Infected: The Darkest Day





A deadly virus is sweeping the country and one man may hold the key to defeating it - if he can survive.

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Reviewed by jkwong-66990 2 /10

Hard to watch with the constant shaking moving screen

The cover is what actually got my attention to watch this movie. Right at the start I already knew it was a B movie when the camera panning and blurry unfocused technique was used which was very amatuer. As I continued watching I noticed there's not much dialogue and conversations are simple few word sentences. If you don't have good scripting then you make up for it with good action. But even that was poorly done. I couldn't continue to watch it because there was constantly unnecessary.panning closeups in and out. Then when it came to action scenes whether running or fighting, you cannot see clearly or make out what they are doing. The camera shakes too much that you can not make out what they are doing. Also, every scene is short, lasting about a second or two, jumping from one person to another, and one place to another. Focus then unfocus, behind objects and things, looking like the director was trying to use every technique in the book to make it work. I got dizzy just watching the screen moving all over the place. I cannot possibly watch the whole movie like this. It was very poorly done with bad acting, bad editing and overall bad production.

Reviewed by badttboy 1 /10

The poster is not anything like the movie.

Looks like it was shoot on an old cellphone.

Waste of time unless you like B- movies.

Reviewed by manyboym 1 /10


They get a A for effort but by the looks of it this movie will possibly not be in tethers because it's not as hyped as these other movies. I didn't even make it 2mins in and I was saying "I'm not finna watch this"because zombie movies have advanced so much that you won't want to watch any old time movies. All dire respect to the actors and everyone who worked on it. Just not your best.

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