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In 1977, NASA struggled to recruit scientists, engineers and astronauts for their new Space Shuttle Program. That's when Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek's Lt. Uhura, challenged NASA by asking the question: "Where are my people?" and embarks on a four-month campaign to recruit the first Black, Latino and Asian men and women to fly in space.

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Reviewed by tomekagueory 10 /10

I loved "Woman in Motion"

I watched "Woman in Motion" with a series of emotions (lots of crying) with my young daughters. The film is fantastic! I admired Nichelle Nichols since I was a child. Watching her in Star Trek made me love Science Fiction even more and I always dreamed of the things that I could do. The future indeed seemed promising. She was a singer, dancer, a theater star, a movie and tv icon. This movie covered the importance of her role in Star Trek, as well as the array of efforts that she spearheaded in STEM - most notably helping to promote and diversify NASA. Thank you Nichelle Nichols, for everything you have done. She helped to change the world.

Reviewed by lyonsdavid-58706 10 /10

A shout out to Black history monthThis was a movie for all ages

A shout out to Black history month This movie took me on an epic journey And emotional roller coaster historically putting in to perspective of what we take for granted in life some people move mountains she moved planets

Reviewed by hfortson-84334 10 /10

Nichelle Nichols is an inspiration to all...Best Documentary film...very captivating

I allowed my 8th grade Science and high school Astronomy Students to view this incredible movie! It will become a staple in my class from now on. To say Nichelle Nichols is inspiring is an understatement! One of the best documentaries I have ever had the privilege to see and share with students.

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