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The Duel


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi



After a long absence, a master swordsman of royal blood, Yeh Cool-son, returns to the emperor's palace to challenge Snow, a reclusive master, to a dual on new year's eve. In the days before the dual, strange things happen in the palace, seen mostly through the eyes of Dragon 9, a leader of the guard who alternates between serious pursuit of duty and joking. His girlfriend, Jade, is a prostitute; Princess Phoenix, the emperor's sister, has been his friend since childhood. There are murders in the palace, and evidence points to Snow, whom Dragon 9 believes is above suspicion. As the princess is attracted to Yeh and as the duel approaches, will Dragon 9 figure out what is going on?


Andrew Lau


Nick Cheung
as Dragon 9
Zhao Wei
as Princess Phoenix
Andy Lau
as Cool-Son Yeh
Ekin Cheng
as Simon the Snow Blower 'Saint of Sword'
Kristy Yang
as Ye Ziqing
Patrick Tam
as The Emperor

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Spectacular Spider-Man 7 /10

Ninety minutes of mild amusement, ten minutes of magic

This is an intresting movie, certainly moreso than most Hollywood action/adventures. The action is few and far between as this is not an action movie, but the few fight scenes are effective. The characters are likeable and the acting is good enough.

Most of the movie concerns secret agent Dragon Nine's comedy attempts to solve a murder mystery. This is made up of slapstick, James Bond type gags and gadgets and precious little action. Amusing, but hardly gripping or hilarious.

Then the film suddenly becomes great at the climax. It contains more emotion, imagination, action and characterisation than the rest of the film put together. The mystery is revealed, and becomes more complicated and dramatic than it seemed. The final duel is an excellent, ultra-fast sword fight with superpowers - but it IS still mainly about the clashing of blades. The losing duelist has one final desire, and his attempts to reach it are very sad.

If the whole movie was of the quality of the last ten minutes this would be a classic.

Reviewed by mei617 8 /10

Action, Romance and Comedy all in one.

This movie had good special effects. Andy and Ekin both did a good job playing their roles as cool and skilled swords-men. The plot is about a duel that will determine who is number one. Each man falls in love during the days leading to the duel, showing the soft side of their hard exteriors. Though the movie is about the duel, the life and investigations of a royal officer seems to be a main focus. Nick Cheung, who plays the royal officer, kind of takes the audience through the movie and provides comic relief. Vicky Chao, the princess, provides some comic relief as well. Over-all this movie was good and I would see it again.

Reviewed by Puppetmister N/A

A bit plain

There's actually a fair amount of energy in this film, but ultimately its part of a trend in Hong kong cinema for "enhancing" martial arts action with CGI. Its not new for fights to be manipulated in this way. Many stars are not fighters, and their combat is cunningly edited to convince us otherwise, or they perform gravity-defying feats thanks to wires and pulleys and other tricks. CGI takes the constructed nature of martial arts to a different zone, and for a while, its been interesting to see how the technology is incorporated into Hong Kong cinema (where its a recent addition to the technical arsenal). In the films of Andrew Lau (not to be confused with the film's star and all round heart-throb Andy Lau), the technology is used to create elemental effects, with all kinds of spectacular things happening with clouds, ice, water and snow. What is lost as a result is the sheer breathless excitement of watching two powerful warriors duke it out with fist, foot and blade. When the great swordsmen in "The Duel" finally face each other (and its a long time coming, especially since the showdown is disappointingly brief), they end up assaulting each other with... well, energy. A sword would have done the trick, but these guys would rather fight with lightning. OKay, this is all well and good - its based on a legend of a fight between the greatest swordsmen ever, so it must be made to look special. However, the film doesn't build up much suspense. We are not made to really care about who will win. Where the film scores highly are in the scenes between Vicki Zhao (Zhao Wei) and Nick Cheung. Zhao is particularly charming, and their interplay is the core of the film. The two warriors generally mope around for most of the film - Ekin Cheng is almost entirely absent from the screen for the first hour. CGI will be a great asset to Hong Kong directors once the novelty wears off - it can be used to create the image of superhuman characters doing amazing things, but the problem is that it often makes the same characters seem untouchable and inhuman.

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