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The Alliance





4 drug dealers call a truce and form an Alliance,but after 20 years of peace one member is forced to kill the others.

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Reviewed by SpareMeTheCrapMovies 1 /10

Is this a joke?

I stopped watching after about 30 seconds. Is this a joke? Looks like something filmed with a Polaroid camera back in the 70s. I thought I must be imagining it, so I skipped ahead by half an hour and still looked the same.

Don't even waste 5 seconds on this trash. The high rating is just your typical producers posting bogus ratings.

Reviewed by Power012 9 /10

An award winning crime film

This film really explores the depth of the underworld of gang life. Very impressive how much back story this film has. There's definitely a lot of twist and turns as well as violence but that's expected being the kind of film it is. Hats off to the Cast and crew for bringing this film to life. The film ends with a cliff hanger! Waiting on the sequel!

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