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Verinen salmi


Action / Adventure



A merchant marine captain, rescued from the Chinese Communists by local villagers, is "shanghaied" into transporting the whole village to Hong Kong on an ancient paddle steamer. —Jim Beaver


William A. Wellman


John Wayne
as Capt. Tom Wilder
Lauren Bacall
as Cathy Grainger
Paul Fix
as Mr. Tso
Joy Kim
as Susu
Berry Kroeger
as Old Feng
Mike Mazurki
as Big Han
Anita Ekberg
as Wei Ling

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gary-peterson 6 /10

Barrelling Down Blood Alley With The Duke At The Helm!

I was sparked to comment after reading another user comment here that contended Blood Alley is one of John Wayne's worst films. It may not be at the top of the heap, but it's far from the bottom. It well accomplishes what it sets out to do--entertain: fun, engrossing, action-packed and--on the wide-screen edition DVD I have--beautiful to behold.

The reviewer especially criticized Wayne's frequent side comments to "Baby" and the film's having non-Orientals playing the Chinese. I didn't find either factor a deterrent to my enjoyment. First, I took Baby to be Wayne's guardian angel more than an imaginary girlfriend. And I think his occasional comment to her was fitting. Yeah, the Captain Wilder got a little dotty after spending all those years alone in that cell. His hangup about "tennis shoes" was another example of his having gone a bit stir crazy.

Having non-Orientals play Chinese or Japanese was not uncommon in the Hollywood of yesteryear. Remember Charlie Chan and Mr. Moto? And closer to our time David Carradine in Kung Fu. I never understood why this is a stumbling-block for some people. And in Blood Alley the American actors playing Chinese did a great job.

Paul Fix first and foremost gets a nod. He made Mr. Tso a distinct character through mannerisms and distinctive sage-like speech. I especially liked the scene where Captain Wilder told him to toss that ornate sculpture in the furnace to fuel the ship, "That'll burn" Duke says, but Fix calmly notes how a craftsman put 10 years of his life into creating it. Here was a man who respected and had appreciation for the intangible things, like beauty and like freedom, which is what Mr. Tso was risking his life to help his townspeople regain.

Mike Mazurki also gets kudos for putting in a great performance as Big Hans. No, he didn't really look Oriental, but he brought weight to his part, especially in his first scene. You could tell that he was a guy you could count on. And for film buffs familiar with Mazurki, wasn't it nice to see him playing a good guy for a change?

Finally, the reviewer said Lauren Bacall was wooden. Well, was she ever among Hollywood's most dynamic actresses? I thought she did a good job with what she had to work with. She did seem tacked onto the film and her story was secondary to the main plot. I never did get a firm grasp on the subplot involving her father or why she ran off in the ship graveyard. However, she did sizzle in the scenes in the pilot house, especially when coming between Wilder and the ship's wheel. Yes, this film was not her finest hour, but Bacall certainly redeemed herself in The Shootist and proved she did indeed have an on-screen chemistry with Wayne.

Admittedly Blood Alley does not have a place in the crowded pantheon of GREAT John Wayne films, but it is certainly not among his worst! And as a huge fan of the Duke I can't even suggest a film for that dishonor. For me, any film featuring John Wayne is going to be better than most anything else on at the same time.

Reviewed by bh_tafe3 8 /10

Satisfying adventure film with a not too subtle political point

Firstly, ignore some of the nonsense complaints about right wing propaganda. If ever a government deserved to have themselves demonised, it was the Communist Chinese Government of the 1950s. Bringing a slant on communism that more closely resembled fascism, they destroyed countless lives and offered the nation very little in return.

Secondly, at heart this is a boy's own adventure. Despite the political point all this really does is give John Wayne the chance to cannon down Blood Alley, cracking one liners, not to mention skulls as he tries to get a boat load of hard working, wise cracking Chinese people to the border. And then of course, there's baby. Wayne's imaginary friend who he created to help him survive years of torture.

The film is held up by the constraints of the time, getting a lot of Western actors to play the Chinese characters. This was not uncommon, and given that that the yanks weren't supporting China at the time that's another complication. But they do a nice job.

Lauren Bacall is the film's weak point, struggling for a reason to be there, she simply comes off looking like a token love interest. That having been said, what's a good adventure without the damsel in distress? This is a good movie, satisfying, wholesome, and only a 20 year old first year uni student who believes that they are the gateway to true knowledge would have a problem with its politics. This is not a snapshot of history trying to show a believable look at Chinese culture and the harrows of torture, it's an action flick. Suspend your disbelief and don't nit pick, John Wayne films are a gift. Just sit back and enjoy.

Not essential, but it is an interesting change of pace for the Duke, and if you have two hours free, there's plenty worse films you could invest in.

Reviewed by dodig-65512 9 /10

Fun old movie with John Wayne and Lauren Bacall

I love this old movie and not because I'm a dyed in the wool John Wayne fan, because I'm not! There's a couple of other Wayne movies I like but not a lot! The Rooster Coburn ones are a couple! I don't watch a movie for the technical mistakes or say who was miscast! If I really like one it becomes a "favourite" and may be brought out fairly often! This is one of my very "favourites"! I can't really tell you why, maybe it's the idea of a whole village escaping from Red China, plausible or not! I love happy endings!! Maybe it's because I'm an old fart of 80! Don't give me violence or a lot of bed hopping that's not for me or 4 letter words either! I didn't hear a single one! I would like to point out that Amoy is on the coast of China.

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