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The App


Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller



Loving girlfriend, family fortune, breakout movie role: he's got it all. Until an app awakens a powerful new yearning. While in Rome to shoot his first movie, Niccolò becomes obsessed and sent into a self-destructive spiral.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrew-dodge58 2 /10

Brutally dull.

It sucks in every way, boring actors, screenplay, plot.. terrible mix of a melancholy soundtrack that contrasts the screenplay in various scenes.. A ghastly experience.

Reviewed by colarusso-1 1 /10


When you think it can't get worse he can win the challenge. It looks terrible. The worst movie I've seen in the last 10 years.

Reviewed by Seppe_VB 1 /10

There's bad, and there's this.

I kept watching because it's so bad. The story is all over the place. It feels like a 3hr movie and it's just over an hour. If you want to know how not to make a film, or write it, watch this. How do things like this even get made? Who's the person that convinces producers that this is something solid?

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