Al Adamson


Burr Smidt
as Mayor Nix
John Carradine
as Judge Harley Winslow

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Reviewed by parkerr86302 N/A

A Lost Film?

In his recent book, John Carradine:The Films, author Tom Weaver declared this film to be a lost film. Try as he could, he was unable to locate the film for viewing, as he tried to do with all of Carradine's films. Maybe it is lost today; if so, it's too bad. I have seen it---it aired a couple of times on Phoenix, Arizona TV in the early 1980s (admittedly, a long time ago). As far as bubble-headed beach movies go, it wasn't really that bad, and I would go so far as to say it was one of Al Adamson's better efforts. In his book, Tom Weaver also said there is confusion as to what kind of character John Carradine (cast as "Judge Winslow") played, since 1978 data on the film clearly indicated he did not play the presiding trial judge. On the outside chance that Weaver (or any friends of his) see my remarks here on IMDb, I would like to clear the matter up. My memory of the film is that John Carradine played a retired judge who gives the kids legal advice on how to go about saving their beach. Also, typical of the degrading level of the cameos the great Carradine was reduced to in his declining years, I remember the script called for other characters to refer to him as "senile". I have always been a Carradine fan, and if this truly is a lost film, I'm glad I was able to see it, even if it was long ago.

Reviewed by Sorsimus 2 /10

Save our beach! Save our beach!

A group of funloving teenagers spend their summer vacation saving their beach from builders.

Ample- bosomed teenager comedy with the works: vans, bikinis, parties, a nerd and a fatso. Pretty much includes what you'd expect from a low budget imitation of the more famous examples of the genre.

Nothing new, nothing surprising. Turkey- legend John Carradine appears in a tiny supporting role. Recommended for fans of the genre only.

Released on video in Finland in the early eighties.

Reviewed by SilentOne92 5 /10

Film Found

Sunset Cove is a low budget Teen Comedy from Al Adamson film from 1977-78 thought to be lost. Severin has found a great print which they released on Blu Ray in the Adamson "Masterpiece" collection. The film is a retread of the numerous teen comedies of that era. The plot revolves around a group of Teenagers trying to save the local beach from being bought out by shady businessmen who are going to redevelop the land into Condos. Outside of a quick cameo from John Carradine who Adamson used in most of his films, there is little if any name talent in this one. it has by the book nudity, humor and the typical stereotypical characters, (The mean pretty boy, the heavyset nerd, the bumbling cop who is embarrassed by the kids with make fun of him with one liners, etc). Little bit better than most Adamson films as this one is not spliced together from another film with some additional footage. worth a look for Adamson fans based on the great transfer

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