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Reviewed by abisio 10 /10

Outstanding Thriller

Le Convoyeur (Cash truck) is one of those "minimalist French thriller" that will keep you in the edge of the seat for the entire movie. What the movie lacks in budget terms is compensated with the superb (and intense) acting for its main characters, especially Albert Dupontel (IRREVERSIBLE), a character you will not forget very soon.

Alexander, a really strange and disturbed man, starts working as a security guard for an armored trunk company. The universe surrounding him is truly unbelievable; just because is real.

We meet a bunch of lazy losers, which could be categorized as drug addicts, drunks, depressed, inept or nuts, and Alexander fits in all of them. To make matters more interesting; all of them are carrying guns with minimum training (one shoot a month) and earn a thousand Euros (about $ 1300) a month for transporting millions in cash.

It is easy to predict that under these circumstances, things could go REALLY WRONG.

After a while, we also realize that Alexander has his own agenda. He inquires about routes and events randomly. He even searches his co-workers lockers.

Without giving out more, lets say that Nicolas Boukhrief (the director) constructs an environment very unreliable in itself and adds another explosive element to the cocktail.

The big difference with any American thriller is that characters and drama are more important than action and violence. When the violence arrives, it shocks us without using spectacular special effects or big budget explosions.

In brief, do not get fooled by the lack of big American actors or just because it is a French movie. This is probably the most terrifying movie of the year; and does not have ghosts, zombies or serial killers.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 /10

A Dark Tale of Revenge

In France, the disturbed and mysterious Alexandre Demarre (Albert Dupontel) is hired as security guard for the Vigilante armored truck company earning 1,200 euros per month and lodges in a hotel nearby the company for 1,450 euros for a month. He becomes close to his colleagues, actually a group of losers, without motivation or perspective, paranoids, depressed and substances addicted men, and prepares a personal file with the profile of each one. Along the days, the real intentions of Alex in working at Vigilante are disclosed.

"Le Convoyeur" is a very dark tale of revenge exposed in low pace. Albert Dupontel brilliantly develops his weird character, and the viewer guesses whether he is a journalist, a writer, an uncover detective of a thief planning a next robbery based on the financial balance between his salary and the cost of his hotel in the beginning of the story. I regret only that his motives are disclosed very soon, practically in the middle of the story. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Assalto ao Carro Forte" ("Heist to the Armored Truck")

Reviewed by olivier-renault-uk 10 /10

will ruin your day!

Very dark tale of revenge. and as said earlier, very little 'exposition' for the plot or the character himself is given, so not the most accessible to non-natives, as what little dialogue there is is essential to the story. All this lack of exposure to the real motives of the main character and the mystery surrounding him, and the subjective guess work required from the audience is also key to the movie. From my point of view, like say, No Country For Good Men, that is what make these movies that much more interesting.

So, a re-visiting of Film Noir, extremely brutal emotionally, almost depressingly sordid. If you are looking for a feel-good ending, look away now. Noneless, I love this film for all those reasons. It's very well cast, acted and paced, Dupontel is excellent in this understated, almost shy character, but ruthlessly driven to revenge.

<<<< SPOILER >>>>

He and his son get shot on a deserted road, witnessing a robbery on a armored car, however, he alone survives, but is left crippled with intense epileptic fits (and the story hints that he hasn't got much time left). After the loss of their son in such a brutal way, his wife despairs into an almost catatonic state, while he leaves his past life behind to hunt down the murderers. Believing the robberies were inside jobs, he then enrolled in one of the targeted security firm on the verge of collapse, hoping to get close to the gang.

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