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Mood of the Day


Comedy / Romance



Soo-jeong has been dating with her boyfriend for 10 years, but their relationship isn't going so well. In the day of her business trip, she finds out that her friend is getting married with her first love, so she starts to feel weird and has some thought. On the train, she sits next to Jae-hyeon who is a womanizer, he feels attracted to her and tries everything to make her fall for him. They will share the trip to Busan together and know each other better.


Cho Kyu-jang


Moon Chae-won
as Soo-Jung Bae
Yoo Yeon-seok
as Jae-Hyun Kim
Jo Jae-yoon
as Senior Gang
Kim Seul-gi
as Driver Hong
Park Min-woo
as Kang Jin-Chul
Lee Yeon-Doo
as Bo-Kyung

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peamapeam 7 /10

Funny Romance but a little bit plain plot

This film is about a girl that have 10 years relationship with her boyfriend. And one day she met a strange guy on train and she was asked to one night stand with him.

It's funny. Moon Chae Won acting was adorable, she's both cute and beautiful. Her role is such a 'Tsundere' girl who always talk against her mind. And Yoo Yeon Seok is great act too. His role is a smart guy that always know his crush's mind.

By the way, the plot is simple. Nothing special, you can find many film like this. but I think that this film was saved by main actor (Chae Won and Yeon Seok), They're very well match in their role.

Conclusion. I f you want to watch a great melodrama film, don't choose this. But if you want some funny and cute film, try this.

Reviewed by anujanugrahtigga 10 /10

Romantic & funny !! But don't compare with reality !

It was my first Korean movie or content that I watched and now I love Korean movies & serial also. In this movie don't have a great story, but the screenplay & soundtracks are very good, many scenes are funny & romantic, doesn't feel boring. Actors are also very good, especially Moon Chae-Won's acting is great, her facial expression seems natural and funny in this movie. Didn't compare with reality and just loved this movie.

Reviewed by heniekb 9 /10

Fun to watch

I'm not a big fan of romantic comedies but this light weighted Korean comedy is quite entertaining. There is a good chemistry between the two main characters and it is real fun to watch them. I thought especially Yeon-Seok Yoo perfectly fit his character. I remembered him from playing a king in 'The Royal Tailor' and a perfect villain in 'Perfect Proposal' so I was impressed with a change. Actually a romantic comedy suits him really well. He's got the look for it.

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