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After generations of being apart, an accident brings a family back together and they begin to cope with their original issues.


Sam Shepard

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Reviewed by RARubin 6 /10

Harsh Country

Back in the late 60's I attended a college in Superior, Wisconsin. I was from Philadelphia, Pa and had never experienced the cold and long winters near the small city of Duluth, MN. I met hard drinking people there (there's nothing else to do), blond as Jessica Lange with Scandinavian or Polish accents, many of them. There were good people and bad. The men worked the port ships or the railroad yards. The blizzards were like nothing I have ever seen.

Charles Durning gets a fat man's star turn. Dunning has been thrown by his farm horse and wants the animal shot by his daughter, Jessica Lange. She protests, but agrees to shoot the animal. She's back from the Twin Cities where she works as a professional woman with one in the oven. The old man is in the hospital with wild delusions about the horse, his Alzheimer wife, and life on the farm and it's bitter cold. The drunken Uncle sidekick doesn't help either. Also, there's the younger daughter, unmarried with a teen daughter. The teen, blond as her sisters, is soon to get it on with as many young hockey players as possible.

This is Sam Sheppard's first directorial film with plenty of farce, which gets heavy handed, so the viewer never really gets a grip on the emotional lives of these crazy folks. Maybe that's it. Their lives by Lake Superior are so harsh, they cannot communicate a sensible thought. Nevertheless, Far North is a snapshot of an out of the way, beautiful place that will interest the curious.

Reviewed by djaugh0037 10 /10

An accurate sense of place.

A true representation of Minnesota's Twin Ports area. The sense of place and the true character representations make this a delight. Somewhat quirky, but enjoyable. Even the rather strange weather patterns of the area come through. For those of us who are familiar with the area the truth of the production is impressive. For those who are not familiar with the area this film might help them come to an understanding and appreciation of the Far North.

Ms. Lange is dead on with her speech patterns, and her believable presentation of some of the women who live by Lake Superior.

Reviewed by jameskonigchr N/A

A great film which taps into the "Minnesota Lifestyle"!

"Far North" is a great film. Filmed in the fall of 87 in and around Duluth, MN, this movie gives a "glimpse" of Minnesota life for a (disfunctional) farm family of the north in the late 1980's. The scenery is magical and the music (played by the Red Clay Ramblers) certainly fits the scenes and story of the film. Starring Jessica Lange (She was born and raised near Duluth and now lives in Stillwater, MN), who does a great performance as ex-Minnesotan turned New Yorker, Katie (who easily taps back into her northern MN accent). Far North combines comedy, drama, scenery and emotion all in one. This is a great movie to watch if one wants to get a "taste" for some good ole Minnesota flavor!!

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