Paul Naschy
as Hector Doriani / Alex Doriani / Frankenstein's Monster / Mr. Hyde / Phantom of the Opera / Waldemar Daninsky the Werewolf / Quasimodo / The Devil
Fernando Hilbeck
as Father Damien

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Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 /10

Paul Naschy's most personal horror film.

In "Howl of the Devil" sadly deceased Paul Naschy/Jacinto Molina reviews his own career as the horror movie icon.His son Sergio Molina co-stars with his legendary father.Naschy appears as Mr.Hyde,Rasputin,Quasimodo,Fu Manchu,the Monster of Frankenstein,Waldemar Daninsky and the Phantom of the Opera.The hookers are delivered to famous ex-horror actor Hector Doriani by his butler Howard Vernon.Then the women are viciously killed by a black-gloved slasher.Time has stopped in this household and only terror remained.Very entertaining and slightly ironic horror film with some gory death scenes.There is axe murder,sexual mutilation plus throat slashing and disembowelment.Oh,and there is also extremely stunning Caroline Munro.8 out of 10.A must-see for fans of Spanish horror.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 /10

Passable Jacinto Molina movie with the unforgettable actor playing several roles

This film "Howl of the Devil"--El aullido del diablo (1988)--was one of Paul's most personal projects and finest artistic achievements. Paul Naschy plays several characters in this film about a nowhere player who resides at a mansion along with his butler (Howard Vernon) and a beautiful maid (the gorgeous Brit Scream Quen : Caroline Munro) likes to pick up whores and play sex games . His nephew (his actual son Sergio Molina) lives with him , and is lost in a fantasy world of his own .

An acceptable Jacinto Molina show plying a great numer of characters as Hector Doriani / Alex Doriani / Rasputin / Frankenstein's Monster / Mr. Hyde / Phantom of the Opera / Waldemar Daninsky the Werewolf / Quasimodo / The Devil . Continental Europe's biggest horror star again with his classic character Daninsky along with many others and frightening to viewer . Jacinto Molina Aka Paul Naschy , who passed away at 2009 , was actor, screenwriter and director of various films about the personage based on fictitious character, the Polish count Waldemar Daninsky. The first film about Waldemar was ¨The mark of the Wolfman (1968)¨ by Enrique Eguiluz . In fact , in 1967 he wrote the script for La marca del Hombre Lobo (1968) . He was forced, out of necessity, to play the lead role of tormented werewolf Waldermar Daninsky after Lon Chaney Jr. turned it down. He reprised this character in over a dozen subsequent sequels. Naschy's portrayals of the anguished and sympathetic werewolf Daninsky became his signature part and consolidated his enduring cult status as a bona-fide horror icon . Other significant horror figures Paul played were the Mummy, Jack the Ripper, the Hunchback, the Frankenstein Monster, the Phantom of the Opera, and even the Devil. Naschy made his directorial debut with Inquisición (1977). His most important movies were the successful ¨Night of Walpurgis¨ by Leon Klimovsky , ¨Fury of the Wolfman¨ , ¨Doctor Jekill and the Wolfman¨ ,¨The return of the Walpurgis¨, ¨Howl of the devil¨, ¨The beast and the magic sword (1982)¨ that was filmed in Japan and finally ¨Licantropo (1998). After ¨The craving¨ it was such a box office disaster that Jacinto was bankrupt . And his performance as the Prince of Darkness in ¨El gran amor del conde Drácula¨ (1973) was one of his personal favorites . However , he was forced to turn to Japan for making artist documentaries , as he filmed ¨ Madrid Royal Palace and Museum of Prado¨ and he gets financing from Japanese producers for ¨The human beasts¨, the first co-production Spanish-Japan and followed ¨The beast and the magic sword¨ that was lavishly produced for the Paul Naschy standards.

This film ¨El Aullido Del Diablo¨ is a B series entertainment with abundant sensationalistic scenes , twisted style and a Naif-gaudy realization . This exciting terror movie contains thrills , chills , twists , turns , some nudism and lots of blood and gore . The movie has a bit of ridiculous gore with loads of blood similar to tomato and is occasionally an engaging horror movie full of zooms, slashing , impaling and anything else . This time Paul Nashy/Jacinto Molina exhibits little breast but he was a weightlifting champion . The picture is plenty of sadism , ominous criminals , supernatural events , and grisly killings . Pretty slow going, but hang in there for some surprising scenes and thrilling final twist . In the film appears a secondary cast who starred innumerable films of Spaghetti and horror genres during the 60s and 70 as the beautifil British Caroline Munro , Howard Vernon : Jess Frank's regular , Fernando Hilbeck , Mariano Vidal Molina and Cris Huerta . Good and foggy cinematography by Julio Ortas with chillon , strong colors in Maria Bava or Hammer style , though being really necessary a perfect remastering . The motion picture was professionally written/played/directed by Jacinto Molina . The flick will appeal to Paul Naschy fans and terror genre enthusiast . Rating : 6, passable and entertaining .

Reviewed by Michael_Elliott N/A

A Must for Naschy Fans

Howl of the Devil (1987)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Former horror actor Hector Doriani (Paul Naschy) spends most of his time inside his mansion where his butler (Howard Vernon) takes care of his while his maid (Caroline Munro) is constantly turning down his advances. Hector spends most of his time with hookers and before they can get back to town they are murdered by a maniac in black gloves. Hector's nephew (Sergio Molina) has a strange fixation with monsters and soon all of this collides.

HOWL OF THE DEVIL was written and directed by Naschy and for the most part it was a pretty good chance for the actor to pay homage to his career. This film allowed him to star with his son Sergio and it also allowed him to play some of the famous monsters from his past as well as some that he never played in his career. Throughout the film we get to see Naschy return to the role of Waldemar Daninsky but also Frankenstein's monster, The Phantom of the Opera, Quasimodo the hunchback, Mr. Hyde, Rasputin, Fu Manchu and several others.

Obviously the chance of seeing Naschy playing all of these killers and monsters is the main reason to watch the film. It was certainly a lot of fun seeing the actor getting to mix it up as the monsters again even if some of them only appear on the screen for a short amount of time. Frankenstein's monster and Waldemar are seen for very little of the screen time but you can't help but smile when you see Naschy all decked out. It also helps that you have him acting with both Munro and Vernon. As a horror fan you can't help but smile at the three on the screen together.

The film was never released in America, which is somewhat shocking considering the cast as well as the storyline. God knows that all three had much worse films released in America. It's also shocking that this never got released because it contains a slasher like element as well as some Lucio Fulci inspired gore scenes. There's some pretty graphic violence including one scene where a woman has her stomach cut with guts pouring out. Did I mention the nipple scene? And yes, there's a lot of nudity as well so the sleaze factor is quite strong.

What keeps the film from being more entertaining is the rather weak screenplay that doesn't do much to develop the murder mystery that plays out throughout the running time. I'd also argue that we pretty much get the same thing over and over. A woman comes to the house. The former actor beds them. He then talks to them like trash. They leave the house and are murdered. The little boy talks to a monster. Repeat.

With that said, if you're a fan of Naschy then HOWL OF THE DEVIL is very much worth checking out even though the only version out there is a poor looking bootleg.

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