Ushi must marry a sumo wrestler but she doesn't want to marry him. She is going to find a husband to marry in 8 days so she doesn't have to marry Sumo.


Paul Ruven


Wendy van Dijk
as Ushi Hirosaki
Hiromi Tojo
as Himself - Ushi's Assistant
Chris Noth
as Himself
Uri Geller
as Himself
Hans Klok
as Himself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by generaalzeespons 1 /10

The worst thing you will ever see

Unapologetically racist. Extremly unfunny. Way to long, its a slog to get trough. It just should never have being made don't watch this dumpsterfire of a movie.

Reviewed by jonmanconman 9 /10

So bad that it's good

There were a lot of up-and-coming Japanese or at the very least Asian actors in the movie that got a good spotlight. I was surprised at how many celebrity guest stars there were.

The movie itself is dumb, but forgivable once you realize that was the entire point. The Ushi character is known for getting into outlandish, awkward interviews and situations and this film further explores what she's always done, but with a bigger budget. It even has its cute moments. It contains more surreal humour than satire comedy, with one of the better running jokes being Tojo getting repeatedly, and quite severely crippled and ending up in perfect health just days later.

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