Sultanes del Sur (2007) torrent download

Sultanes del Sur


Action / Crime / Drama



A band of thieves steal from a Mexican bank and travel to Argentina to launder the money. Upon their arrival the plan goes south and it's up to them to figure out what went wrong.


Alejandro Lozano


Tony Dalton
as Carlos Sánchez
Jordi Mollà
as Leonardo Batiz
Ana de la Reguera
as Mónica Silvari
Silverio Palacios
as Leserio Domínguez

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 /10

This moving film co-produced by Mexico/Spain contains thrills , noisy action , intrigue and a spectacular and bloody conclusion .

Decent hold-up thriller filled with surprises , sneaky twists , and being efficiently realized . This is a tricky little thriller about a coordinated bank robbery that gets worse when they are doublé-crossed . A Mexican/Argentinean/Spanish crime film about 3 armed men : Jordi Molla , Silverio Palacios , Tony Dalton and a women : Ana De La Reguera . This peculiar as well as tight-knit quartet are the real stars of this movie , as they try to steal a bank , but they're really after the contents of safety deposit box . As a band of thieves steal from a Mexican bank and travel to Argentina to launder the money . At airport they have some incidents , but later on , they head off to Buenos Aires to change their greenbacks into pesos . Upon their arrival the plan goes south and it's up to them and when a dangerous exchange goes awry, the thieves work to root out the traitor in their midst . ¡ Hide your money, the Sultans are coming ¡ . ¡ One bank, 12 million dollars, 30 hostages. And that's in the first ten minutes ¡ . ¡ Getting the cash was the easy part; the actual challenge is living long enough to spend it ¡ .

Stirring heist thriller filled with intense set-pieces , nail-biting action , pursuits , car crashes , crosses and doublé-crosses and being swiftly paced . This is a thrilling narration of an exciting bank assault with exceptionally fine camera work , attractive sequences , moving escapes and ending confrontation . The plots is full of twists and turns , as when the group deals with the nasty Texan who sends three of his men to carry out the transaction in a parking lot then occurs a bunch of unknown gunmen open fire, and escaping with all the money and they attempt to figure out what went wrong. The picture mingles action-packed , drama , emotion , suspense , and spectacular sequences though won't mean much on little screen TV . Pulse-quickening thriller movie but plenty of clichés , plot twists and lots of violence , including punches , heavy blows , kick-asses and bloody shooting . Tony Dalton stars and writes in this thriller about a gang of thieves who steal $12 million from a Mexican bank . Jordi Molla delivers an excellent performance as the criminal-mind to execute the risked robbing . Along with the gorgeous Ana De la Reguera and the tough as well as intelligent Silverio Palacios . Celso Bugallo plays magnificently The Texan , one of the city's big racketeers and plot to launder the money in Argentina , as he gives them a very short period of grace to recover the money before he takes his vendetta .Other chief excitements about the picture , will be in the intervention of a good plethora of Mexican/Spanish/Argentinean actors who realize professionally competent interpretations .

Well co-produced by Mexico/Spain by Warner Bros and Filmax and Castelao Films with its producers : Carlos Fernandez and Julio Fernandez . They financed a lot of successes of all kinds of genres , such as Terror : Rec saga , Mientras duermes , Retornados , La posesion Emma Evans , Paintball , El monstruo del pozo , Quarantine , Los sin nombre ; Cartoon and kiddies films : Copito de Nieve , El Cid , Donkey Xote , Manolito Gafotas , Mola ser Jefe , Perez ratoncito de sueños , Los Dalton contra Lucky Luke and Dramas/Thrillers as Cobardes , Transsiberian , Machinist , Bullying , 13 Campanadas , Muertos comunes , Morir en San Hilario, Tierra de Fuego , Sexo por compasion, Fotos , Heroes sin patria , among others .Colorful and appropriate cinematography by Juan Jose Saravia . Stimulating as well as pulsating musical score by Xavier Capellas .This is another superbly powerful thriller movie being compellingly directed by Alejandro Lozano , the filmmaking is competent though the story eventually run out of gas . It was well realized by Lozano in similar vein to his precedent films . He has directed a few movies such as : El Santos vs la Tetona Mendoza , and Matando Cabos , and especially has realized a lot of TV series such as : Rosario Tijeras , Los simuladores , 13 Miedos , Sr Avila , La Esquina del Diablo , La viuda negra , among others . It will appeal to adrenaline lovers and those young people looking for strong emotions . This is the kind of film in which the thriller enthusiasts will enjoy immensely , it's a must see .

Reviewed by lastliberal 6 /10

There's no warning for a shock.

I watched this film just to see Ana de la Reguera. I'm prone to do that. I like someone and I watch everything I can find. This is one of those.

Leonardo (Jordi Mollà) and Carlos (Tony Dalton), along with Monica (the reason I'm watching) rob a bank. No flash - everything cool as ice. Later, Lese (Silverio Palacios) joins them in the escape.

Things got exciting later as money was supposed to be exchanged, and the gang got caught in a war between two rivals - The Texan (Celso Bugallo) and The Chief of Police (Oscar Alegre).

Double crosses and lots of shooting, with a sweet cross at the end.

A good action movie, but there was nothing special in it except Ana de la Reguera.

Reviewed by Jeremy_TheFighter_Belmondo 5 /10

It wanted to be original but came out generic

That's the way I would describe this film...It is true that not many(none?)action films are done in Mexico but it isn't just about trying, if that were the case then everybody could do film-making. From the producers of Matando Cabos comes this (well intended?)action film that pretends to be original but in it's effort it results more generic than everything, first of all Tony Dalton's screenplay is way to thin to even sustain a film of 90 minutes, you can tell he wanted to have lots of surprise moments in his film but instead of feeling like smart twists the plot feels full of inconsistencies and as if the screenwriter thought "well what then" and suddenly a twist for the plot came to his mind. The use of music while adequate at some moments becomes excessive and the film relies way too much on it to create an atmosphere and I say create not enhance. One thing you can't say, and it is that the director didn't put style in the film, he uses every angle & shot he knows in the film whether it is to compensate for the lack of substance or just to show his "film skills" I don't know but I think is the latter.Now about the acting the only rescuable performance is Jordi Mollá's in his brief role, Dalton and De LaReguera are adequate but then again the screenplay doesn't help that much and Silverio Palacios as in Matando Cabos plays the cool guy.The action sequences don't stand for something new or groundbreaking and some are excessively long and some could've been just avoided but then again the had to fill time since the screenplay couldn't. A movie to watch just if there's nothing better to do, and if you wan't to check out Tony Dalton's work you better watch Matando Cabos which even when it thinks of itself as original but owes lots of films, still is way more fun and entertaining than Sultanes del Sur.

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