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Not a Stranger


Drama / Family



A down and out, 50-year-old former high school teacher with a dark secret befriends three 12-year-old boys and helps one come to grips with his father's death. Problems arise when the police suspect the teacher of wrongdoing.

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Reviewed by dantharpe 8 /10

Slow... but good!

A beautiful story, would have been a lot more effective had it not been so very slowly directed. I am sure the Director is gifted, but in this particular movie, he/she is very lacking. although the final product of the movie is touching, having to sit through the drudgery of long, drawn out scenes and slow interaction of the characters was most painful. Much of the pauses between interaction of the characters could have been cut from the movie making it a lot more effective.

However, I have given this movie an 8 rating out of 10 because of the story line. It is a powerful example of pain, dealing with loss, yet in the midst of it all, the beauty of friendship and the need for fellow mankind.

I highly recommend this movie, just be prepared to travel it's story at a snails pace.

Reviewed by Peisher 9 /10

Worth the watch!

I happen to catch this wonderful story on Amazon Prime! Agree with some of the other reviews that it was a little to drawn out and need tighter direction. Acting was very good, but I think the story just needed a rewrite or two. There were scenes that kept me very engaged and some that had me wishing things would move along. Because of the great story, acting and direction I gave this film a 9. A nine because very few films have me glued to whats happening on screen as this one did in certain parts. I know budget plays a big part in these films, but only a few changes would have been needed and it's a 10!

Reviewed by smiledaydream 9 /10

Simple. Great emotions

Sometimes it kind of sucks wanting to write a review but not wanting to let you know anything. I don't wanna know anything when I see a movie if I know I'm gonna watch it. Story is not complex. I don't know. Maybe it is. I like the story a lot. Good writing. Good lesson. This movie would be good for any age group and has a good outlook.

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