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Potter's Ground


Drama / Thriller / Western



POTTER'S GROUND is a drama with a mystery at its center which tells the story of a team of Confederate marauders during the final days of the Civil War, who embark on a dangerous mission to unearth an ancient treasure. But fortune may come at a terrible price, as the men soon learn that some secrets are best kept buried.


Michael Butts

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Reviewed by manager_butts 10 /10

What happens when you stretch 30k

Michael James Butts poured his heart and soul into this full length project. Known for amazing short films, he won 1st place and was given a chance to turn a short 15 minute film into a full length movie. With the help of family, friends, and a ton of young talent that helped out of their own free will, he shaped a short into this amazing movie called Potters Ground. Many amazing people worked between gigs to help him fulfill his dream of making an amazing movie and it shows. (Trust me, the credits were looong). The fact that one artist drove 2.5 hours to reshoot a single take, just to be told "that's it" and all she did was give him a hug and tell him thank you means the most. He loves this film and the level of talent that showed up and/or rose to the occasion to help just shows you that this is a director you want to keep an eye on. Everyone has a start. We see it, do you?

Reviewed by amitchmcleod 10 /10

A fun thrill ride of a Western!

Potter's Ground is a fun and exciting throwback to classic adventure movies a la Mr. Spielberg and Lucas. Don't let that fool you though, as it also has enough dark and mature elements to give everybody something to be pleased with by the end of the experience.

The script is written with such rapier wit and the cinematography should be inspirational for anybody looking to create a film on a minimal budget. All of the talent here is exceptional in their delivery, with the standouts being writer/actor Scott Crain and actress Katharine Franco.

Mr. Butts has already delivered in the past with successful short films and, with this, he has managed to prove himself as a filmmaker who is able to adequately make that difficult transfer of talent from shorts to features.

Don't sleep on this one. You won't come across much better in the world of low budget filmmaking. That's a promise that I can say with confidence will be lived up to.

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