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Donald's Dog Laundry


Animation / Comedy / Family



Donald Duck builds an automated dog washer while an unsuspecting Pluto naps nearby. When Donald finishes and announces his plan to use Pluto as his test subject, a battle of wills ensues, with Donald using a rubber bone and a cat puppet in an attempt to lure Pluto into the suds.


Jack King


Clarence Nash
as Donald Duck

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CuriosityKilledShawn 6 /10

No laughs

Out in his garden, Donald builds a huge dog bath machine with loads of pulleys and scrubs. Why he would want to subject Pluto to this behemoth instead of washing him normally I don't know but it's obviously Pluto ain't gonna be up for this.

The dog himself is snoozing in his nearby kennel and Donald must trick him into going into the bath with a rubber bone on a string and then a puppet of a kitten. Pluto doesn't fall for it and the highly expected ending of Donald falling into it proves true. Only he's too happy that his craftsmanship has actually worked to be annoying.

It's not that funny but the vivid and inventive animation makes up for it.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 /10

Interesting but never anything hilarious

I have always been a great Disney fan. Donald's Dog Laundry however is not one of their finest hours, decent and watchable of course but not outstanding. The story is rather routine and unfolds at a less crisp pace than I usually see and Pluto's actions are energetic and cute enough but whether they're funny has mixed results here, the best of the gags being Donald being attacked by the dog washing contraception and Pluto's struggle with the rubber bone. On the other hand, it is very inventive and colourful visually, always looking well-drawn and fluid, while the lovely music and sound effects give plenty of character and fit well instead of feeling out of place. The two characters do work well together, Pluto has a lion's share of the action and while more interesting and amusing than hilarious he is still endearing. Donald is at his best either when he is easily frustrated or/and on the receiving end of misfortune, and what does make him fun here is that the cartoon does wonders with the misfortune side of his character, here he gets it big time and while fun to watch you do feel sympathy for him. Overall, not a favourite but definitely watchable for the characters, a couple of gags and the technical values. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 6 /10

Clever Machine

Donald's efforts to franchise a high efficiency dog washing machine are better left on the drawing board. Using Pluto as his foil, he fails time and again to get the dog to cooperate. The problem with this cartoon is that there is little funny about it. There are no high moments. It's mostly Donalds trying to attract Pluto with a rubber bone.

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