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Mr. Weekend





Bad luck follows good when a low level LA bookie finds five pounds of crystal LSD.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic 1 /10

I was just about ready to watch this...

...but I wont because it's really bad. I know this because out of the current 7 reviews, all are bogus new account high reviews, with the average rating being 8.9/10 lol? So this is right up there with the top films in the world? Not even close. So since the filmmakers didn't have faith in their own film to resort to these deceitful tactics with their bogus reviews, it's clearly a terrible film. Huge pass, and thanks for the head's up Mr. Woodward, so I didn't have to waste 90 mins of my life.

Reviewed by briancarney-06736 9 /10

Rock n Roll!

The movie Mr. Weekend, is great!! Has humor, suspense, and action! Looking forward to see what else this director makes!

Reviewed by michaelcash-28697 8 /10

What a ride!

I enjoyed everything about this movie, stylistically done with a great story. Fun all the way through. Classic indy noir!

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