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Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller



After a military plane crash near a small American town, a giant man-eating snake sets off on a killing spree. The locals must find a way to eliminate the snake, with the help of a scientist who knows about the snake to kill it.


Richard Clabaugh


Frayne Rosanoff
as John Cooper
Robert Englund
as Dr. Anton Rudolph
Casper Van Dien
as Bart Parker
William Zabka
as Greg Larsen
Dana Barron
as Kristin
Sara Mornell
as Theresa

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bayjohn 2 /10

A New Definition In Dumb

If you are looking for a good Sci-Fi or Horror film, this is not the movie to see. If you are looking for a stupid, low-budget film to mock (like MST3K fans), then this is your movie.

The low budget is very evident in the scenery, or lack thereof. The acting is atrocious, and that is surprising considering the talent involved in this project. Casper Van Diem is horribly miscast as a southern business executive that works in Washington state. Casper's accent is beyond fake and his lines are delivered way over the top! Robert Englund must have needed the money...enough said.

The effects are pretty good, considering the budget. The computer generated effects seem to be top notch, but the snake moves too fast to be believable. The fx guys do use a prop snake tail in some scenes and it is very noticable in every scene it is used.

Granted, the director did use tongue-in-cheek humor in a self-mockingly way throughout this film. However, the viewer will have the impression that the director wasn't entirely sure he was making a comedy or a horror movie after seeing this film.

If a cheesy film is what you're in the mood for tonight, see this movie. Otherwise, stay clear.

Reviewed by lcri-1 7 /10

Fun Flick

Python certainly isn't art, and it's not gonna win any awards. However, it IS a fun little movie for a night with some soda (or, if you're old enough, beer) and popcorn. The snake changes size many times, (at one point it hides in a garage behind some boxes, but he is then suddenly 15X the length of a car.)and even the marketing is messed up-the cover says it's "sixty feet of pure terror", but the scientist in the movie says it's 128 feet long. The acting isn't the greatest and the CGI is terrible (the snake's "acid" looks like expired Jell-O), but the movie is a good one to watch and let your brain go on autopilot. For B-Movie fans, or people who thought Anaconda didn't have enough stupid jokes, this one is an absolute must-see.

Reviewed by callanvass N/A

cheesy fun WARNING!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheesy fun has a silly opening lots of blood splashes and TONS of goofy characters but this is also quite well made and decently directed but the script has quite a few problems in it and the story isn't all that great and has quite a few logic lapses the acting is okay Robert Englund is pretty good here and he just always seems to creep me out no matter what role he plays i LOVE him! Frayne Rosanoff is decent but spurts out some lame dialog at times but overall he comes through William Zabka is good here and is quite likable (one of the few)here unlike that other idiot police officer that worked with him in this flick but i will get to that later Casper Van Dien is okay here and didn't impress me that much Dana Baron does not have much to do here other than scream yell argue and look hot she does that very well Sean Whalen is not an actor! he is one of the worst actors i have ever seen in my life i wouldn't be surprised if he was an idiot in real life! cameo by Jenny McCarthy there is a laughable moment when Lisa threatens the snake with a shampoo bottle, and a rubber ducky overall a cheesy flick but pretty entertaining you could do worse recommended for a night of cheap thrills **1/2 out of 5

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