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The Darkness





Dorcha tells a curious talk about Death, Demon and Deception channelled through Changelings, Witch craft and everything in between..


Tharun Mohan


Adam Bond
as Brian O’Connor
Jo Hart
as Aliah O’Conner
Katherine Hartshorne
as Niav O’Connor
Ivan Murphy
as Doctor Henson

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omendata 3 /10

Amateurish hour!

Well the cover looked interesting and intriguing - mainly because of the drop dead gorgeous Charlize Theron clone Amelia Eve on the front but sadly this is where the excitement ends.

Very amateurish production with annoying sound effects; violin arpeggios to highlight the usual scary moments (of which there are zero), some really terrible acting from nearly all the cast with the exception of Amelia who did her best with a woeful and tedious script that has nothing new to add to the genre and of course we have the usual cliched ending in the car - deary, deary me, when are we going to see some originality in British ghost / horror stories.

I always review a film fairly, based on its budgetary constraints, along with the acting etc but this one is hard going and sadly a lacklustre 3 hatchets on the scary scale for me!

Reviewed by edlc1970 1 /10

Total waste of time

This movie is a borefest like no other. From the start of the movie, you get a sense of this being a b-movie. Its not scary, Its not interesting, Its not great acting. You have seen it all before. Nothing new. A haunted movie going boring is what it is. When you find yourself playing on your smartphone while watching this movie, you know Its boring. The 10 rating must have been a crew member. Avoid this movie and dont waste your time.

Reviewed by drhabibali 10 /10

Must watch

Haunting and creepy. Starts with a slow pace and consumes you later on. Amelia aced the role.

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