Treasure Lies (2020) torrent download

Treasure Lies





Hardworking teenager Sean feels let down by life, but faces a crisis of character through a series of his own bad decisions.


Brett Varvel


Caleb Milby
as Sean Peterson
Rachel Cameron
as Melissa Jacobson
Cameron Arnett
as David Brooks
Brooks Ryan
as Mr Smith

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lunkentuss-49303 1 /10

Don´t be fooled

Once again two positive reviews that most likely comes from family or friends and have no real connection to the movie. Casting and story is just soo bad. Sad to see you can´t depend on these kind of reviews :(

Reviewed by oursalvation 9 /10

We really liked it!

We rented "Treasure Lies" on Vimeo. I watched it with my wife and youngest son (who is 19) and it kept all of us very engaged. My wife and son kept essentially yelling at the screen trying to tell the characters what to do as they got themselves in and out of awkward situations. The twists and turns of the story were great, a few of them predictable and many of them totally unpredictable. It has a very good biblical/moral lesson that does not feel forced and fits in right with the theme of "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." It was also very well cast and acted too so the directing was also very good. I would highly recommend it.

Reviewed by betty_wilson 9 /10

Great movie!

Funny, thought provoking, thoroughly entertaining. The actors were engaging. Can't wait to get family together and watch it again.

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