The Bike Thief (2020) torrent download

The Bike Thief


Drama / Thriller



After a delivery driver's moped is stolen, he must find it before he loses everything else.


Matt Chambers

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jmrecillas-83435 1 /10

Worst hommage ever and an insult to De Sica classic

This film is pure garbage. Vittorio De Sica deserves to be insulted and tainted his masterpiece by such a crappy movie? This film doesn't deserve other thing than oblivion. There is no way that this toilet of a film recieve any kind of acknowledgement. If you want to make an hommage to Vittorio De Sica, stop making films and see his masterpiece, instead of taking a camera thinking you are a filmaker, because you're not. I give it a zero points, and thats a lot for this absolute garbage.

Reviewed by omendata 2 /10

Bored me to tears...literally

What more is there to say that the other reviewer has not, it is long and hardly any actual acting or speaking and most of that is in Romanian with subtitles and just a guy wandering around the hell on earth that is London; truly a depressing place to film anything and the ending was anything but uplifting - I mean how is he going to explain to the scumbag boss that the bike is different??? Not much of a moralistic tale, just nick someone else's bike if yours gets nicked and who thought that would be a good ending Is beyond me???

I have not seen the De Sica original but it has to be better than this dreadful effort.

Reviewed by hyde-70509 9 /10

Uncomfortable but thought provoking.

London is a fabulous city; bright lights, excitement and money. But here we have the have-nots, the bottom of society. The main characters are immigrants, but the gig economy, no workers rights and a miserable life mean that the streets are not paved with gold. If you like Ken Loach, you will really like this.

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