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Home Stay





Veronica and Anthony spend their honeymoon in a rental house located in a quiet town near the beach; when strange occurrences begin they soon discover the house is not what it seems, and the terror that truly awaits them.


Robert LaSardo
as Diego Forza
Kedrick Brown
as Anthony Williams
Catherine Lawrence Kinslow
as Galveston tourist

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rodgere 2 /10

Absolutely nothing happens till the last 10 min of the movie.

Newly weds are on their honey moon. They rent a house where people have disappeared. That's all you need to know. Fast forward to the last 10 min. The End.

Reviewed by haskel-72951 4 /10

Well that was....Hmmm...

Slow, dumb, preposterous, but....decent performances. Found footage is hit or miss. This is mainly miss but I can't totally discount it because of the solid work from the cast. The script, on the other hand, needed some work.

Reviewed by tmccull52 1 /10

Home Stay Away

This was one of the most boring, nothing scary happens horror movies that I've ever had the misfortune of sitting through. The story is stupid, the acting isn't worthy of bad community theater, and did I mention that it's about as exciting as a difficult bowel movement. In fact, a difficult bowel movement is more entertaining than this turd of a film.

Avoid this movie like you would an STD. It's that bad.

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