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L.A. Superheroes


Comedy / Drama



Helena, a beautiful immigrant actress/model, way too old for modeling and too old for acting without credits finally lands a big job but overseas. Out of desperation and advice of her LA friends she commits a federal fraud to get her traveling documents. To escape jail time she gives out names. In this comedic/dramatic piece as she is still wondering where her career is going she needs to watch over her back wondering if she is going to end up getting whacked by the people she ratted out.

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Reviewed by richard_rossi 9 /10

Yelena Popovic Shines

Yelena Popovic shines in this character-driven indie about the underbelly of the Hollywood dream. We sympathize with her plight to survive in Los Angeles another day, and her temptation to get a green card from mobsters. Her husband Alexandros Potter does DP duties well. This is a film for those who like acting, realistic portrayal of relationships, and for those in the arts as a profession there is much that resonates with the universal longing for expression as it meets challenges to survive. Alexander Zisiades provides some nice comic touches and humanity as the one true friend to Yelena's character Helena who has to deal with narcissists on every side, including a disloyal, shallow boyfriend who runs when the heat is on, and a talent manager who takes her money and claims to be a psychic. The rest of the supporting cast does well filling out the feds and the bad guys.

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