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Ewoks: The Battle for Endor


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The army of the Marauders, led by by King Terak and the witch Charal attack the Ewok village. The parents and the brother of Cindel all die in this attack. Cindel and Wicket escape and in a forest they meet Teek, a naughty and very fast animal. Teek takes them to a house in which a old man, Noa, lives. Like Cindel he also crashed with his Star Cruiser on Endor. Together they fight Terak and Charal.

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Reviewed by c-j-stpierre 7 /10

A Childhood Classic

First things first, both this movie and the "Ewok Adventure" were made for TV-movies. Therefore, to compare them to Star Wars is unfair due to the differences in budgets and people on board. That being said, I love this movie! Both The Battle For Endor and The Ewok Adventure were childhood favorites of mine. The story is still entertaining, albeit still on a child's level. But that's OK, because that's what these movies were meant for. George Lucas continues to show us again and again how to believe in fantasy and have fun. I recommend watching this movie with the whole family, and if you're into the Star Wars Universe like myself, you'll certainly get a kick out it.

Despite some reviews, I think both the Battle For Endor and the Ewok Adventure are fun and well done (for TV) movies.

Reviewed by ChildoftheKindlyWest 10 /10

A Great Lucas-Tale For Kids

I know that many Star Wars fans resent the Ewoks for adding cuteness and comic relief to Return of the Jedi. I also know that they relate him to Jar-Jar Binks, the obnoxious, terribly written character from Episode I. However, I disagree with them. I did not think that the Ewoks served the same purpose as Jar-Jar. I did not like Jar-Jar in Episode I. I found his humour juvenile--but I understand why it was. The humour was juvenile because Episode I was aimed toward a new generation of Star Wars fans: children. The Battle for Endor and its prequel, Caravan of Courage, are spinoffs from Star Wars using the fuzzy little creatures that helped out the Rebels on the forest moon of Endor in that galaxy far, far away. The movie is for children, and teaches important lessons. It deals with issues that children are not usually exposed to, such as death, grief, and abandonment. It also tells children that family is whoever loves you and will care for you, regardless of apparent differences. When I was very, very little, the Ewok movies were my very favourite. My mother gave me a present when I had successfully been potty-trained: a Wicket stuffed animal (just to let you know HOW young I was when I watched these movies). I remember years later seeing Return of the Jedi for the first time, when it premiered on television. That movie enthralled me as well, but at the end, I was surprised and excited to see my little friends, the Ewoks, getting in on the action as well. I don't think the Ewoks spoiled anything in Return of the Jedi--they are not unlike other Lucas creatures. They serve their purpose of being the indigenous species of Endor, and so big deal if they are tiny and furry. Its allowed once in a while. So chill out, and let kids enjoy the movies.

Reviewed by MissSimonetta 7 /10

Actually redeemed the Ewoks for me

I expected to either be bored or have a good laugh while watching the made for television Ewok films. While there are indeed dumb moments and bad acting in some spots, these Ewok films are actually watchable and have an almost Grimms Brothers fairy tale like darkness about them. Out of the two, The Battle for Endor (1985) is much stronger.

The movie is dark from the start: the little girl from the first sees her entire family die in an ambush and has to rely on Wicket, a weird monkey with supersonic speed, and an old man named Noah who's been stranded on Endor for decades. The lot of them are menaced by a warlike clan of monsters and their sorceress accomplice.

Really the whole thing feels more like your typical 1980s fantasy movie than a Star Wars flick, but it's a solid work in its own right. You actually care about the Ewoks and hope they make it through their adventure. It touches on themes of family and even death in ways that move. Definitely rough around the edges (and it IS odd to hear Wicket speak English-- yes he speaks English in this), but certainly not bad.

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