Below the Fold (2021) torrent download

Below the Fold


Drama / Mystery / Thriller



Without a trace, Susie Potter vanished from her home in the quiet town of Skidmore, Missouri. Ten years later two reporters uncover a harrowing new detail, which leads them on an obsessive hunt for the truth through the dark labyrinth of rural northwest Missouri.


Clayton Scott


Sarah McGuire
as Lisa Johnson
Davis Lee DeRock Jr.
as David Fremont

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rabbitmoon 2 /10

Intriguing detail

It's intriguing to me that the first (at the time of writing, only) review of this film is from yet another id following the xxxx-12345 format, with only a single review, that happens to praise this film. Moreso, the id is literally IDScott, which then goes on to say "Scott and crew did a great job..." (Scott being the director). Hmm, what are the chances?! If people could kindly stop shill-reviewing their own lame films, I'd stop having to call them out on it.

Reviewed by ldscott-83891 9 /10

Scott and crew did a great job bringing the story to life!

This movie is worth watching! Great story and actors did a great job! See this movie! You won't be disappointed!

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