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Thirty male and female Superstars will fight for the opportunity at Royal Rumble Match. The winner of the massive melee will go on to challenge for a Championship at WrestleMania. Plus Goldberg challenges Drew McIntyre for WWE Championship. Roman Reigns will face Kevin Owens in a Last man standing match for the Universal title. Carmella challenges Sasha Banks for SmackDown Women's Championship.

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Reviewed by akashfi23 10 /10

Ready to Rumble

Didnt see the kickoff show thats why not gonna say anything about it.

The first match was for the WWE title match and I was both excited and nervous for this match because I thought Goldberg was gonna win. Whether you like Goldberg or not his matches are always entertaining. This was never going to be a classic match we all knew that but it wasn't bad. Thank god Drew retained his title. Drew McIntyre is now one of the most dominant and one of the best booked babyfaces if not the best in recent memories.

The next one was the first Royal Rumble match of the night which was the women's Royal Rumble match. Royal Rumble matches are all about surprises and the match began with a surprise return from Naomi at number 2 ! There were so many surprise entrants from NXT and from legends. Never thought I would enjoy Billy Kay. She was really entertaining in this match. In fact she has been entertaining for the past few weeks. I liked Billy and Jilly's alliance. Never thought I would enjoy seeing Jillian back in action as well. It was tough to see Shotzi Blackheart to get eliminated first. She's been so good on NXT. Victoria returned as well. She did well too but she got eliminated by Shayna Baszler. Mini Iconics reunion was good too. I just didnt like the way Bayley got eliminated. Rhea Ripley showed up and basically destroyed everyone especially Dana Brooke. What I didnt like in this match was the 24/7 title segment. This was really unecassary. WWE should just retire the 24/7 title. I gotta talk about Torrie Wilson here. He is someone who just doesnt age. Dakota Kai and Ember Moon should've lasted longer here. Lana returned ! Nia Jax eliminated her partner and her family. Alliances dont last longer in a Royal Rumble match. Lana got her revenge on Nia Jax by eliminating her. The final 3 was Charlotte,Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair. I just didnt want Charlotte to win again. I wanted Rhea Ripley to win but didnt mind seeing Bianca Belair win. I just hope she chooses Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania. That will be a match for the ages.

The next match was for the Universal title and it didnt disappoint. Roman Reigns has the best character in WWE since turning heel and he hasn't had a bad match. Every feud he has been in since turning heel, has not only good story telling but also good in ring actions as well. Well, in this match they just fought outside the ring but still it was good. The feud was great. Kevin Owens is someone in this feud who you can easily get behind and Roman Reigns is someone who you just cant help but hate. Roman almost lost here but he pulled the referee's shirt. If you haven't seen this just please see it. The match was very good.

The main event was the men's Royal Rumble match. It was just good from the beginning because the first 2 entrants were Rated RKO. They have their own business to take care of. They just beat the hell out of each other. Then Sami Zayn,Ali,RKO teamed up and started to beat up Edge and almost eliminated him. Faces like Jeff Hardy and Nakamura saved him then. It really was bad to see Jeff Hardy get eliminated too early. The first surprise of the night was Carlito and he was in a phenomenal shape. He hasnt missed a step and got better as well. Damien Priest was the first and only superstar from NXT to show up in the Rumble. I really dont know why Ricochet showed up in this match. I mean he lost to AJ Styles in a qualifying match few weeks ago on RAW. It was really good to see Kane in action after such a long time even though it was only for a couple of minutes. He eliminated 2 superstars as well. Well, there may be a few criticize that Ricochet got eliminated by Kane but still it was good to see Kane in action. I liked the mini reunion of Team Hell NO. As soon as i saw Kane i knew he was gonna be eliminated by a future star who is almost as big as him and it was Damien Priest. Then Christian made his return ! Who would've ever thought that Christian would show up !? I guess he is now medically cleared for competing. Hurricane then returned then he tried to double chokeslam like in 2002. We all know how that ended and this year was no different. It was good to see Dominik Mysterio got his revenge on King Corbin by eliminating him. Then Bobby Lashely killed Dominik i mean the way he threw Dominik out of the ring. Bobby Lashley didnt last very long despite being one of the favorites. He still looked strong here because it took multiple superstars to eliminate him. Omos actually helped AJ Styles a lot in this match. He also helped AJ eliminate 3 superstars as well. I thought he was gonna have a showdown with Braun Strowman. The messiah returned at number 29. It was good to see the messiah after couple of months. Number 30 was Braun Strowman. He eliminated few superstars. Even Omos couldnt help AJ when Braun was around. I was shocked to see Christian last this long. Unfortunately both Braun and Christian eliminated by Seth. Then Edge quickly eliminated Seth Rollins. We all then thought Edge had won but Randy Orton returned to the arena and RKOed Edge. he went to the doctor because Edge had attacked him with a steel chair earlier. Nobody wanted Orton to win. He almost won but Edge just countered Orton and eliminated him and Edge is the winner. It will be interesting to see who he chooses. I know i missed a few things in both of the Royal Rumble matches and didnt talk about things serial wise. Thanks for reading

Reviewed by Abdulxoxo 7 /10

It's ok

The two major men's championship matches were problematc for differing reasons. One of them was way too short; and shouldn't have been booked in the first place. The other had two or three really good moments, but at times it did drag a little; and there were a couple of botches which made for an anticlimactic finish. The women's championship match wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. It was just there. The women's rumble was extremely entertaining for the most part; although disrespectful shananigans with the 24/7 crew and an unwelcome appearance from the Nature Boy. The men's rumble was very problematic. There was an overaching storyline that was too predictable. The quality of wrestling involved was nothing special. A couple of eliminations by somebody that wasn't involved in the match was frustrating. The lack of gimmicks or comic relief left the match feelinga little dull. The surprise entrants weren't all that exciting. The worst thing about the 2021 Royal Rumble however was that it was almost 4 hours long; partly due to random segments with the kickoff show panel, as well as a terrible musical performance from some complete random guy called Bad Bunny (that the commentators put across as if he were the biggest star in the world).

After the brilliance of the TLC PPV last month it actually hurts a little that WWE in 2021 has started somewhat poorly. At least we have an NXT TakeOver in a couple of weeks. They're always good!

Reviewed by MuviFan73 8 /10

One hell of a show! (men's)

Royal Rumble Men: With its ups and downs the match progressed. Carlito was introduced after a decade. Edge created a record of lasting from beginning until end.

Goldberg vs Drew: I have always seen Goldberg dominating. Most of it still remained true. Finally Drew retained his championship.

Roman Reign vs Kevin Owens: What a match it was! Kevin Owens showed a lot of persistence. Finally I think the best man won.

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