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A well educated and humble teacher arrives in a new city and at a new job in the pre-revolutionary Iran. He falls in love with a hardworking underprivileged young woman that nurses her very old mother and raises her young brother. In an environment where commitments and social problems often stand in the way between people and their dreams.

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Reviewed by TheThinWhiteDuke 9 /10

An excellent film

"Ragbar" is a stellar achievement, especially given it's early place in Iranian cinema. It is a story of a teacher who comes to a new town and falls in love with a girl who is to be wed to a wealthy butcher. The plot is well paced and the storytelling is brilliant. Not only is it touching and funny at the same time, but it is made with a remarkable amount of cinematic wit. If you can get a hold of it, it is a must see.

Reviewed by alireza-akhlaghi84 7 /10


At a time when typical filmfarsi (the movie made before iran revolution) were in the same time and time as their counterparts, the construction and revival of a new thinking in this field seemed risky and even deadly. Especially when demanded, it would have been more productive from the angle of the suppliers, and more investment than before. This routine and this demand seems obviously logical, but there were directors who wanted to be frantic and depending on the type of ambition, power and faith in the work, in this way, they presented works that some of them had to do with the finer works in this Backgrounds turned out. Risk-taking power and the ability to master individual abilities in this way were, in their time, a big risk, which is such a worthwhile gift. At that time, 1972 films were made that did not look like other films from a style. In all the films of that era, the audience's desire was a happy ending, but it was not the case in this film, and it was argued that one could, without regard to the instinctive appearances of the audience, follow the fact that it was not necessary to make what was meant by others Is. It is possible to have an opinion in this field and make the story with a firm determination and what was just what the director and storyteller was about to construct and exploit. The Downpour of the first feature film by Bahram Beyzaie is a striking example of the new wave of Iranian cinema, which independently, regardless of its prevailing rule of time, is the end of a happy journey, and it seems successful in this regard and in this respect. Now that the film is an age 45 years old , its continues to be in the field of the New Wave in this time, and has signed the big Bahram Beyzaei signature and is one of his honors. Of course, this movie was subject to destruction, which was restored and remained by the Scorsese Foundation.

Reviewed by omid_pachino 10 /10

A simple story,Perfect acting,Magnificent ending.

This movie is the second movie of Bahram Beizai the best Iranian director.When I found the VCD version of this movie I somehow hesitated to watch it,despite the fact that I love Beizaie's work.Eventually,I watched it and boy I enjoyed it a lot.

Mr.Hekmati(Parviz Fanizade) a single and innocent young teacher arrives at an area in down town Tehran,where he starts teaching.One day he throws one of the students out of the class and there the story begins.Atie(Parvaneh Masoumi) who supports his brother and mother comes to school to ask from Mr.Hekmati that why he has thrown her brother out of the class.Then,somehow love at the first sight happens,but Hekmati keeps denying it.This is not the end of the story because there is a man who helps Atie gives her money and keep asking her to marry him.

The ending of this movie is great.I recommend this movie to all those people who love artistic movies.

Welldone Beizai.

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