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Cher and the Loneliest Elephant





A magnificent story in which the superstar Cher flies across the world during a pandemic to save Kaavan, a bull elephant from 35 years of incarceration.


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Reviewed by kikipowes 10 /10

Earth Day with Kaavan

For those who know me, you know that I am a big fan of documentaries, from "March of the Penguins" to "The Cove".

And when I heard that they were making a documentary about Kaavan's rescue, I was very excited.

And the result did not disappoint. What Cher did as a humanitarian was to praise the skies. Removing that elephant with so much trauma to put it in a place where he can find peace and company, is just thrilling.

Reviewed by onelonedolphin-38389 10 /10


Get the tissues, you'll tear up Kaavan's story is so uplifting and heartwarming there won't be a dry eye in the house! Humanity is at it's BEST when we come together to rescue animals from antiquated thinking/traditions.

Reviewed by liciagustava 10 /10

A story full of love and respect

I was like: Why do we need a movir about a celebrity saving an elephant for?

The fact is that this documentary is much, much more than that. Cher is considered one of the best actresses and singers of the history, but what few people know is that this great woman does a million good deeds and a lot of people forget about that.

This story, however, is much more than a good deed. It is about saving Kaavan, a wonderful Elephant imprisoned and alone for more than 30 years. And we need to watch this feature film to learn that he's one of many, and with love and dedication, as Cher presents throughout this adventure, we can manage to save many other animals trapped.

In cinematic terms, I believe that this documentary will take many Emmys for the wonderful production, from cinematography to soundtrack, from content to editing, from the making of the film to its poster. Is just pure amazing docu-cinema.

Just watch this movie that you will not regret.

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