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Labyrinthus "THE WAY OF NON-BEING Deductions 1) This is a film that was born and developed in the spirit and in the perspective of not paying duty to any genre, understood as a cliché, but we can say that recognizing in its plot a sort of sacrificial plant could approach (derivatively) the classic genre of tragedy (Euripides in particular, which shares a certain impiety, in addition to the marked philosophical warping). Closer to home, because of its sacrificial (tragic) structure, I would liken it as a "genre" to "The Seventh Seal" or "Meet Joe Black", in which death is, respectively, externalized and internalized, but still acts with the aim of obtaining the sacrifice due to it. 2) In our intentions it would be the first step of a dialectical trilogy (that's what I think we'll call it in the end), through which we represent the external life/death splitting. This would be followed by the inner splitting ("we are and we are not what we were before"), set in the era of COVID, and ...

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Reviewed by gvav-98495 10 /10


Masterpiece in the choice of images and great assembly work

Reviewed by pacocharte 2 /10

D- for Effort

This is like a mashup of a film school project and a 1st year visual effects course.

Unless you are REALLY bored or want some weird stuff on in the background, avoid this "film."

Reviewed by japseyee 1 /10

pretentious garbage

If you have time to waste give this a go. Blah blah blah.

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