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I AM SHAKESPEARE (The Henry Green Story) chronicles the true life story of 19 year old Henry Green, living a dual life as a brilliant young actor and inner-city gang member, who was brutally shot and left for dead just shortly after his inspiring performance in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' and his remarkable (against all odds) recovery/intestinal transplant received by a 13 year old boy (Jack) who was killed in a car accident on the other side of the country but who still managed to save Henry's life.


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Reviewed by jenniferludholtz 10 /10

Absolutely Phenomenal

I Am Shakespeare: The Henry Green story is a phenomenal documentary with a moving story. From the onset, the shots of the city blew my mind away along with the transitions between shots as well as the way the documentary would not only tell us Henry's story but also show us parts of the setting. Henry's story really captures several everyday elements from everything not being the way we see it, to the effects of poverty in addition to classism. Not only that, but the documentary/story is so raw in the way that it includes (for a lack of a better word) several mistakes Henry makes in telling his story where he trips over his words. The story of Henry Green is a truly inspirational one where he embodies that you can use your power and talent for something good/great.

Reviewed by ChBrMeLoSoCaNH 9 /10

Must See

I Am Shakespeare: The Henry Green Story is profoundly moving, sad, uplifting, and for some of us, eye-opening. Shot very simply, the film depicts one young man speaking directly into the camera, describing his childhood and the choices he's made. This sounds as if it could be dull, but instead it is just the opposite. His self-awareness, command of language, and humor imbue the film with bittersweet beauty. When the movie comes to a close, you will wish it lasted longer and delved deeper into the kaleidoscopic mind and world of Henry Green.

Reviewed by aaronselenica-53936 10 /10

The True Effetcs of Poverty

Henry Green was a victim of his environment. Growing up in a poverty stricken neighborhood of New Haven he had very little guidance. All he knew was that in order to protect himself and family was that he must instill fear in others. This gang related activity soon led him down the path to the disastrous day he would be shot. Ironically, the gang member, and ultimate killer was very similar to Henry in the sense that their environment is what shaped them and brought them together in that moment. Byron also saved Henry from his downwards spiral in gang activity. Working hard and defying doctors predictions Henry was able to get a second chance at life and educate others from personal anecdotes. This film tugged at emotions from every angle while describing the cruel reality of our nations youth struggling to guide themselves where violence is so prevalent.

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