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Animas Trujano is a colorful but irresponsible Indian in a small Mexican village. He hopes above all things someday to be chosen mayordomio of his village, a place of great honor usually conferred upon the wealthiest and most respected citizens. Animas has a loyal wife, but cheats on her and gambles away every cent they raise. Chances arise for Animas to turn over a new leaf and even hope realistically for the honor of mayordomio. But will Animas behave responsibly enough to take advantage of these opportunities?


Ismael Rodríguez

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Reviewed by dorlago 10 /10


This is a wonderful film. A beautifully produced and acted morality tale that should not be missed. Only Mifune could make such a sleezy, slimey and morally corrupt character into an attractive and sympathetic hero. He is totally believable as a drunken and abusive Mexican Indian. This characterization could have become a cartoonish stereotype in the hands of a lesser talent, but Mifune brings dignity and charisma to a very un-sympathetic hero.

Reviewed by MONA0825 N/A


Being a long time Toshiro Mifune's fan, I really wanted to watch this movie. Finally, I caught it on cable TV. Mifune's performance is really brilliant. I have no idea how Ismael Rodriguez came to the idea of Mifune playing a Mexican indian (Mifune didn't speak Spanish at all!)but he is just perfect for the role. I mean, I hardly can imagine somebody else doing Animas Trujano. This man is so bad and yet you are moved to sympathy at the end. I loved the serene, noble wife portrayed by Columba Dominguez.

In a sentence: this movie should be highly recommended. Bravo!

Reviewed by Take It From Me - The Movie Fanatic N/A

I loved it!!

No one else could have been a better Animas Trujano than Toshiro Mifune. This movie is well-made and Toshiro Mifune is brilliant in it. Animas Trujano wants so much to be regarded as "an important man" that he is willing to do anything to reach his goal, even if it means selling his daughter's baby to get a lot of money to buy his prestigious image. This movie is very powerful and it's very sad too. Animas Trujano is really a great film and I highly recommend it.

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