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Beverly Hills Wedding


Drama / Romance



When small-town wedding photographer Molly's baby sister gets engaged, she enters the budget-conscious couple in a contest and wins a dream wedding - an all-expenses-paid, celeb-worthy event at a historic Beverly Hills hotel, thrown by "planner to the stars," Terrence Roquefort. It all seems perfect but when the engaged couple seems uneasy with the new plans, and maid of honor duties bring Molly closer to the best man, her ex-boyfriend Cory, she reconsiders whose dreams she is trying to fulfill.


Paul Ziller


Emma Johnson
as Sophia Machardy
Ben Sullivan
as Jordan Cronin
Matthew MacCaull
as Terrence Roquefort
Donald Heng
as Kendall

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hecfsac 1 /10

Ugh the characters were annoying af

I hate to be so negative, because I love hallmark movies! But this movie lacked so much! The characters were annoying! ALL OF THEM ! ESPECIALLY (molly)D' ORSAY AS THE MAID OF HONOR and sister (she was so fake and cheesy.) The groom character was so disconnected as a actor just seemed off! well they ALL were not likable characters. Normally you grew to love and fight for at least one character. I did like the Beverly Hills wedding coordinator lol. Different actor, actresses maybe it would have turned out better. ***** hopefully we will quit seeing ( and hearing ) the commercial for this movie with the Beverly Hills song since it has aired now....the commercial for this movie was annoying af too!

Reviewed by spikeluvr 2 /10

A Constant Stream of Whining

I usually like the leads but this movie had no redeeming qualities. I don't know who was more annoying, the bride's sister or the whiny groom. Maybe the groom's brother should have married the bride. They were the only normal people in the movie. It took until fifteen minutes before the end for anyone to "see the light". The bride's sister wasn't just a typical, domineering older sister. She was a pushy nightmare steamrolling everyone into a wedding she had no real reason to want for them. The groom was petty and deliberately boorish. Who demands beer instead of champagne at their wedding? Why not just ask for both? Who demands cobbler instead of a wedding cake? I doubt most guys care that much about those details. And poor Matthew MacCaull had to play this over the top wedding planner straight out of Father of the Bride minus the charm of Martin Short. They didn't even get costume details correct. The bride's dress did NOT have a sweetheart neckline. All it would take is a Google search to find the correct name or don't say what kind of neckline it has. Hallmark should start paying attention to the viewer reviews in IMDB. A lot of them are saying they need better writers and they're spot on. The writing on this movie was terrible and the actors suffer for it. It's impossible for them to give a good performance with such a lousy script.

Reviewed by franksjolynn 4 /10

Constant bickering is the new Hallmark rule

Fight, argue and dislike between the two main characters is the new Hallmark way! Every single movie this season is the same. This film holds true to the new cookie cutter style of movie, except for the last 4 minutes of course. I can't watch many more of these!

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