It's 1993 and North Carolina is experiencing a historic drought. Autistic teen Carl, fascinated by weather, predicts that a storm will soon hit nearby. His sister Sam crafts a plan to help him chase the storm, stealing their mother's ice-cream truck to embark on a road trip about family, forgiveness, and following your dreams.


Hannah Black

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Reviewed by Rob-O-Cop N/A

this one doesn't reek much of fake reviews and cast voting does it?

I've no idea of this movie is good or not, haven't seen it yet. But I was looking to see if it was worth getting and saw the 10 out of ten reviews and 9 plus stars with very few votes and guessed it' a low budget horrible waste of time. It might no be but by going on here and hyping you product you as good as put 'this movie stinks' tag on it.

I guess if it does stink then you're still in the black, but if it's actually good you're scaring away potential viewers. Something to think about. I'll never know cos I'm not gong to waste the effort on it. I'll go for something that doesn't reek of rigged ratings before this. Probably just as bad or worse but this one is marked for death from the start.

Reviewed by meghancook 10 /10

Drought is an indie gem, with a compelling story and cast

This has all of the right ingredients for a coming of age drama and reminded me why I love independent film so much, namely because it's synonymous with quiet, human moments and authentic acting performances. Achingly real family tension and pain (which is wonderfully scripted and directed) is softened by genuine moments of humor and warmth from an electric cast. Pair all of that with a memorable, plucky score and beautiful cinematography and you've got "Drought."

Reviewed by oliviaprizzia 10 /10

I'm in awe

Hannah and Megan exceeded all expectations, and I expected a lot from these two considering how thoughtful and creative they both are. I laughed, I cried and, most importantly, I learned. If everyone saw this film, the world would be a little better. Congratulations, you two. You created a masterpiece.

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