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The film tells the story of an American couple attending the San Sebastian International Film Festival. The charm of that small city in the North of Spain and the charm of the world of cinema soon seduce the couple. She has a slip with a brilliant French film director, while he falls in love with a young Spanish resident in the city.


Woody Allen

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Reviewed by antoniatejedabarros 10 /10

A homage to cinema and existentialism / Nobody makes films like Woody any more

Rifkin's Festival is a masterpiece! A homage to cinema and existentialism. So so so beautiful! And meaningful! (even if Woody wouldn't agree). Nobody makes movies like Woody any more.

This movie really touched my heart: it moved me, it made me laugh and it made me think about life, love, and death. I got my dosis of philosophy and art for a year!

Rifkin's Festival is a real gem. One of Woody's best films! Poetic, philosophical, magical, funny, sad, delightful, entertaining, and magnificent. A marvellous script, a spectacular cast, exquisite cinematography, and wonderful music. Delicious and indispensable!

The movie is so incredibly good and it says so much that I really hope it is not Woody's last film. Bravo, Woody! Thank you so much for your art! Please, keep creating!

Reviewed by martinvives 10 /10

Keep Going Mr. Allen

I just read an article suggesting Woody Allen should retire because he no longer makes good movies and so on. I am not a film critic, but as a film fan that has been enjoying his films at least once a year for quite some time, I beg to differ.

It would have been easy for him to make a film every 7 years give or take like many do and discard everything in between. In my opinion the way he has done things is braver and his fans are thankful for that.

Yes, perhaps he is an ageing "star" but for people who have grown used to his humor and literary and cinematic references, watching his films is still more enjoyable than the random Hollywood offering.

Perhaps this film is not one of his strongest ones, but these times are surely trying, and perhaps, even more for him. Even then, once a year, I still count on him.

Reviewed by adi_pasa 10 /10

Woody deliveres again

Beautiful movie, witty, funny. A very enchanting experience. Woody is the master. A true living legend.

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