In the city that never sleeps, Olivia is taking the modeling world by storm. A cover girl in the making, Olivia is booking big clients and bringing her online audience along for the ride. With her career on the rise, she leases a stunning Manhattan loft space. Remodeled extensively over the years, the apartment's welcoming appearance conceals a dark secret. Upon moving into the unit, a chain of events is triggered by a terrifying misery born years before. Unable to sleep and unwilling to move out, Olivia's internet audience is witness to a shocking decision that leads to a battle for her soul.


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Reviewed by AllieP_9087 8 /10

A Paranormal Project Runway

This movie is somewhat in the same category as Paranormal Activity and other ghostly/demonic found footage fare. The setup is different, as STAY focuses on a fashion model living in NYC. It's obvious that this is a small budget movie, but it still does a very nice job of being likable, sometimes funny, and it manages to get really, really dark by the end. The characters are also more enjoyable than you sometimes find with indie horror. You can take a chance on this movie because it's fun to see how far the characters fall (and it's a long way)! If you are a hardcore horror fan who likes gore... this is not your thing. This movie actually made me jump several times and it freaked my dogs out! I like paranormal movies, and I like low-tech style horror, so I was entertained.

Reviewed by jaydenfosterfreeze 7 /10

Annabelle meets Paranormal Activity plus a mannequin

Don't mess with mannequins, old dolls, or anything real messed up that "comes with the building." Even though you can smell this plot a mile away, they at least do it a little differently here. This movie is lowest of the low budgets, but the sound is clean and the actors are pretty good. It's not as scary as the poster but it has a real good one near the end that got me.

Reviewed by mikelevian 7 /10

Not really a horror

Had some pretty good scares even though it's not really a horror movie. Poster looks straight horror, but it's more reality TV. Didn't hate it. Wife enjoyed it more.

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