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Faces of Deceit





Akira Santiago suffers from retrograde amnesia. She spends almost two years of her life trying to figure out what happened in her past. What she finds out will change her life for ever.

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Reviewed by prhilaryvictoria 10 /10

An original plot and a good cast

James's family faces a tragic event, and Akira is trying to put the pieces of her past back together. James and Akira's present and past will intertwine and Carlos, Akira's cousin is the only one who knows the truth. Although in some moments it is a bit forced and not very credible, the plot of this film is original and the acting of Zerrick Williams, Lisa Font and Antonio Rufino is very good. I think it's worth appreciating the originality of the plot and the ability of a good cast in a non-mainstream movie.

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