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Extinction: The Facts





With a million species at risk of extinction, Sir David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all.


Charlotte Lathane


David Attenborough
as Self - Presenter

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Reviewed by jordanparker16 10 /10

David attenborough is a literal legend

Put his brain in a computer, we need wise david attenborough forever. Future generations take heed.

Reviewed by gcbr-21023 10 /10

The truth is sometimes painful.

In the UK. Take a look at what you have in regards to possessions and multiply that by 62million. Now multiply that by the whole of Europe. That's what we consume. Now add in a growing world population and then you realise the change that is required. Every four days a city the size of Manchester needs to be built to accommodate that surplus population. This is a wake up call. A change in the perception of wealth is needed.

Fantastic, hard hitting and timely.

Reviewed by farshidkarimi 10 /10

The Legend is Warning Us

Listen to him and pay attention to what he is saying.

He is sending a stark message out to us all, human beings. Unbridled consumption, unchecked destruction of forests, pumping out tons of toxic fumes into the air, blatant consumerism, gross disregard for the nature and animals.

I hope the World will take heed of his warning before it is too late.

I wish the Legend a long life with great health.

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