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Through his work on climate change, immigration, religious tolerance and other issues, the Pope has embodied the meaning of inspired leadership.


Evgeny Afineevsky

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Reviewed by theredsky 7 /10

Francesco Review

A very interesting and in-depth look at one of the most popular religious figures of all time. There is a lot here to digest and sometimes it feels like there is too much to digest. This is the film that reveals Pope Francis's stance on gay marriage and he says that he supports it which is amazing. It really was a great look into his life although it feels very disjointed. It doesn't really have a competent structure and instead prefers to present issues for a little bit and then talk about it later and not at that time which would be fine if it didn't do this all time. It also feels a little bit too long. This documentary is 2 hours but it really shouldn't be this long. Although it was long, the information presented and how it was presented was thought provoking and mostly unique. I'm glad I got the opportunity to watch this at the Savannah Film Festival. Whenever this film comes out, please go watch it. It's worth it.

Reviewed by janewang-22983 10 /10


Documents snippets, albeit important snippets, of Pope Francis' papacy. For anyone interested in Francis as a person and as a Pope, it's a great documentary to watch.

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